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"12345abaco/BFBA 1 : New Contestants is 2,763 miles away!" ― Coiny
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"Don't worry, 12345abaco/BFBA 1 : New Contestants, I got this." — Naily
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Battle for B.F.D.I. Again : episode 1 : New Contestants!

MADE IN 2021 new characters : foldo , nuttio , brecio new characters : foldo , nuttio , brecio bfb 64 : losers :Losers , BetterName , Losers , FreeFood , Bleh , DeathPACT. winner : TeamIceCube 3rd : Iance 3rd : BEEP NUTTIO IS A rectangle made with paper which is friendly with foldo and brecio


a object glass


a rectangle paper made with glass


a paper made with glass

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