Ok, so this should be the best tutorial if you want to make your object show, But here are the requirements for this tutorial

Here are the visual requirements:

Requirements for Flash/Animate Animators:

  • Create the assets on flash
  • Make a good background, Or use the bfdi background and grass if you cant draw that good
  • Make Seperate parts for an episode (Minimum is 8 flash files, Maximum is 64 flash files)
  • Use a Video editor to combine all Flash files (exported to video file) to finish the episode
  • Make sure the lip sync is correct

But if you use Anime studio, You need to:

  • Make assets and save as png file (same goes for backgrounds and every other visual)

Now for the Sound requirements (There are multiple options):

  • Do the voicing before you animate
  • Do the voicing after you animate
  • Edit some voices using Audacity and then export it (i suggest you should download audacity)
  • Make sure the voices are normal volume. (If you do it too loud, it will hurt peoples ears)

Here are some rules for object shows:

  1. No swearing
  2. No blood or gore (i dont like seeing too much blood on animations)
  3. Dont accept Inappropriate recommended characters
  4. Do not abandon your youtube channel if you quit youtube (at least make an announcement about quitting before you do)
  5. It must be animated only on flash/animate or anime studio (not sure if theres anything else)
  6. If you think your object show is bad, try to upgrade it
  7. You must have atleast 2 or more voice actors, Otherwise your show will be considered lazy
  8. Do not use powerpoint or google slides at all (if you want to make an object show)
  9. Try not to make mistakes on your own show, people would think its a joke
  10. If your object show is a satire show, none of the rules count for you
  • If its a Half-satire show, none of these rules dont count for you

And this is the end of the tutorial (let me know if something is wrong with this blog and i will fix it)

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