I just won the Lucky Yolecake Badge for making the 40,000 edit to the BFDI wiki All I did was comment on some Dipper Pines Impersonator's dumb blog post saying that BFDI sucked. Hey, If you don't like the show then get off of the wiki!

Another reason it was dumb is because It had enough words to be 1 sentence, or a bunch of fragments.

I was just standing up for Object Shows, my favorite things on YouTube at this moment in time. And I would like to Apologize to AbercrombieFizzwidget for insulting Him this whole blog post. I also kind of feel bad for the unlucky 39,999th and 40,002nd editors (I was also the 40,001st) for being so close but didn't reach it.

I should add that Whoever made the badge spelled Yoylecake wrong.

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