Ok so let's start and finish a series. Ok so I pick the team that loses with this randomizer. The team picked by the randomizer is Team Ice Cube, so that means they lose.

[A]- Gelatin TeamIcon

[B]- FireyJr TeamIcon

[C]- Spongy TeamIcon

[D]- Bomby TeamIcon

[E]- Naily TeamIcon

[F]- BarfBag TeamIcon

[G]- Bracelety TeamIcon

[H]- Donut TeamIcon

[1]- BetterName

[2]- BEEP

[3]- Bleh

[4]- DeathPACT

[5]- FreeFood

[6]- Iance

[7]- Losers

Votings ends on 7/23/19

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