4: I am your host idiots.

Chibi Gumball: WE'RE NOT IDIOTS!

4: Let's introduce the contestants!

Chibi Gumball: I'm Chibi Gumball, I'm 12-


Chibi Gumball: Who cares just go to the next contestant!

Cash Banooca: Sup dudes, I'm Cash Banooca, hopefully I can surfboard here!

4: Next!

Giraffe: I'm a giraffe, where are the trees, I'm hungry!

Gleemo: Roar! Roar! (Hi I'm a singing monster)

Juggler: (bonks his clown nose)

Idiot: …

Evil Leafy: (scares)

Dancing H: (dances) Dancing is fun!

Wii Gun: Pick me up… NOW!

Totally Dead: …

4: So those are the contestants (puny trashbags)

Wii Gun: Why am I here?

4: You're here cuz of a camp!

Gleemo: Roar! (OK)



The challenge is a little game of 60 seconds!

Idiot: WTF is 60 Seconds?


60 Seconds is a game where you have 60 seconds to gather your family and supplies and you must get into the fallout shelter, your family is Ted (You), Delores (Your Wife), Timmy (Your Son), and Mary Jane (Your Daughter), once all the people are in your fallout shelter, you have to make smart decisions to live! There are some problems though, Mary Jane is very hungry, Delores can piss you off, and you have to send Timmy outside most of the time! Here are the supplies you can get, Tomato Soup, water, first aid kit, map, radio, gun, lock, axe, gas mask, and a Boy Scout Book, in your entry you have to forget at least 2 of these things, you can earn stuff along the way, you can only have an amount of 6 waters and 6 Tomato Soup cans! I'll be giving you your results next episode!


June, 19, 2019

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