Giraffe: I'm back!

4: Nobody notice you were gone.

Chibi Gumball: Seriously that scene?



4: This elimination is short because Cash Banooca is eliminated with 3 votes! (sucks up Cash Banooca)

Contestant Ranking

1st: Evil Leafy (9.7/10) [WIN TOKEN]

2nd: Chibi Gumball (7/10)

3rd: Wii Gun (6.9/10)

4th: Totally Dead (5/10)

5th: Giraffe (4/10)

6th: Gleemo (1/10)

7th: Dancing H (0/10)

Team Ranks

1st: W.H.Y (19.6/50)

2nd: REEEEE (16/50)

4: REEEEE loses!



The challenge is a quiz! Guess all questions correctly and you get something special!

1: How quick is Dora?

2: Who was eliminated in BFB 5?

3: Tell me at least 2 contestants in Iance's roleplay in BFB 4

4: Out if everyone on BEEP, in BFB 5, who didn't dab?

5: Rocky got his barf back in IDFB 1, true or false?

6: Yoyle Mountain is _,___ miles away?

7: How many votes did Basketball have in BFB 8?

8: How come Puffball, Book, and Yellow Face join BFDI

9: Was Evil Leafy in BFB?

10: Who has the most lines in BFB?


7/1/19 (extra time because I will be in Elko June 27-June 30)

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