Evil Leafy: I can't wait to be in the final 4!

X: Actually it'll be 5 again! We have a replacement for Chibi Gumball!

Evil Leafy: Who is it?

X: It's Axe!

Wii Gun: Hi!

Gleemo: …

Cash Banooca: (does default dance for rejoining)

X: Elimination Time!


X: All of the votes go to Gleemo!

Gleemo: No!

Goodbye Tokens

X: All of the tokens are gone!


1st: Wii Gun (9/10)

2nd: Cash Banooca (7/10)

3rd: Totally Dead (5/10)

4th: Evil Leafy (0/10)

X: So Axe will be immune this episode for joining! Same as Wii Hun for winning and Cash Banooca for rejoining!


Chibi Gumball: I'm here to kill you all!

X: Oh no! (gets locked in a cage)

Axe: Oh no!



The challenge is to defeat Chibi Gumball and his 3 minions, the first batch of minions is his family, the second batch is Cloud Guardians, the last batch is a giant robot, after you destroy the 3 minions you have to defeat Chibi Gumball, he can upgrade so watch out! Once Chibi Gumball is defeated, get me out of this cage!



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