So I'll give you 5 choices, you must be honest, you will get points for every answer, once you are done, tell me your answers in the comments I'll see which score you get once I tally the points, you don't know which answer has an amount of points so be wise and honest!

1: How Often Do You Swear?

A: Almost everytime

B: Never

C: A tiny bit

D: Pretty often

E: A bit

2: Do You Love God?

A: A bit

B: A lot

C: Pretty often

D: Never

E: A tiny bit

3: Do You Steal?

A: No

B: Yes

C: Often

D: A bit

E: Stealing is bad

4: How Often Do You Lie?

A: Never

B: Sometimes

C: All The Time

D: A bit

E: What is lying?

5: Do You Think You're Gonna Go To Heaven?

A: Nah

B: Yes


D: Hopefully

E: Hopefully I Don't

6: How Often Do You Get Grounded?

A: A lot

B: Often

C: Sometimes

D: A bit

E: Never

7: How Many Friends Do You Have?

A: 50+

B: 0

C: 2-5

D: 5-15

E: 16-50

8: How Many Enemies Do You Have?

A: 50+

B: 0

C: 2-5

D: 5-15

E: 16-50

9: How Good Are Your Grades?

A: Amazing

B: Good

C: Average

D: Bad

E: The worst

10: Did You Like This Test?

A: No

B: Yes

C: Yes Make More

D: Never Make Tests Again

E: I'm Neutral To This One


If You Get 10-19 Points

Hell Is The Best Place For You

If You Got 20-29 Points

You Will Be In Purgatory

If You Got 30-39 Points

Heaven Is Likely

If You Got 40-50 Points

You Will Go To Heaven I'm Sure

What Did You Get

Tell me your answers in the comments

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