We got 16 votes. 4 votes less than last time.

Spongy TeamIcon is the first safe with 6 votes

Votes Remaining:10

Donut TeamIcon is also safe with 4 votes.

Votes Remaining:6

Bracelety TeamIcon is safe with 3 votes.

Votes Remaining:3

Naily TeamIcon has 2 votes while FireyJr TeamIcon has 1.

Votes Remaining:0

BarfBag TeamIcon, Bomby TeamIcon, and Gelatin TeamIcon have no votes but with, Bomby TeamIcon is eliminated!

63rd Bomby TeamIcon

Order (left safe right UFE): Bleh, Losers, BEEP, DeathPACT, Iance, FreeFood, BetterName, TeamIceCube

TeamIceCube loses again!

[A] To Save FireyJr TeamIcon

[B] To Save Spongy TeamIcon

[C] To Save Donut TeamIcon

[D] To Save Gelatin TeamIcon

[E] To Save Naily TeamIcon

[F] To Save Bracelety TeamIcon

[G] To Save BarfBag TeamIcon

If you voted before you can vote 3

If you are new to this series you can vote 2

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