Leafy Speaker Box:Sure It's Petty Nothing Here.

Announcer Speaker Box:I'm Here!

Ice Cube Speaker Box:Whow! I Want The Prize!

Announcer Speaker Box:The Prize Is....

100 Million Dollars!

Firey Speaker Box:Really?

Announcer Speaker Box:But First.... Let's Do The First Challenge!

Announcer Speaker Box:The First Challenge Is...

Eat 100 Pizzas!

Announcer Speaker Box:GO!!!


Announcer Speaker Box:The Winner Will Get The Win Token Is...  Ice Cube Speaker Box!

Triangle Speaker Box:uhhh.. were full!

Announcer Speaker Box:Who Cares!

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[A] Firey Speaker Box

[B] Leafy Speaker Box

[C] Bubble Speaker Box

[D] Flower Speaker Box

[E] Dora Speaker Box

[F] Golf Ball Speaker Box

[G] Four Announcer

[H] Spongy Speaker Box

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