Welcome to BFWB 1A! I am your host, Handy! Welcome to Battle for Wish Bush, where 40 contestants battle for a long time for a pocket dimension of their very own. Let me introduce the contestants! (A portal appears. Blocky comes out of that portal.)

Blocky: So this is the place, huh? Finally! I have something to do other than dunk Basketball into Black Hole!

Obsidian: Hi, I'm Obsidian, the co-host! Please go to that building over there.

(Blocky walks away. Taco comes out of the portal and sits on the ground.)

Announcer: Hello, Taco. Are you gonna do anything other than just sit there?

Taco: (giggles) Nope.

(Obsidian picks up Taco and takes him to the building. The portal glows, but nothing comes out.)

Handy: Huh?

Announcer: I think that's Nonexisty's way of saying "hi".

(Barf Bag comes out of the portal.)

Barf Bag: YES!!!

(Barf Bag goes to the building. Remote comes out of the portal. He removes his batteries, causing him to faint. Obsidian comes back, picks up Remote, and walks away with him. Donut comes out of the portal.)

Donut: He needed a battery change anyways.

(Donut walks away. Tree comes out of the portal.)

Handy: Hey, Tree! You're my favorite of these guys!

Tree: Thanks! Fun fact, Donut would only come out when I told him it was all he could do.

(Tree walks away. Lollipop comes out next.)

Lollipop: It was pretty crowded in there. You could say I... popped out!

(Lollipop walks away. Grassy comes out of the portal.)

Grassy: Hello! All ants are accounted for!

Handy: Okay...

(Grassy walks away. Naily comes out of the portal. Naily walks away. 8-Ball comes out of the portal. 8-Ball leaves. Bell comes out of the portal.)

Bell: ...HELLO!!!!! (ding)

The Challenge

(Later, at the building...)

Announcer OK, so 21 of you are properly assigned to users. 8 of you have users, but they don't play. And the other 11 are not assigned at all.

Handy: Your challenge is simply to post a comment on... THE BOX!!! (Note: the Box was later deleted due to being a confusing mechanic. Now all you have to do is comment.) You will get put on one of five teams. A red team, a blue team, a yellow team, a green team, and a purple team. Be the first on your team to become a team captain!

Bracelety: Well, since the title does have a plant in the name, I'll call my team the Scrubby Shrubs!

Obsidian: Well, apparently, said shrubs are red. Because you got the red team.

Puffball: Guess I'm on another team.

Obsidian: The randomizer says otherwise. You are on the red team!

Donut: Okay, let's go.

Handy: Green team captain! Pick a name!

Donut: I like the team name Perplexing Minerals.

Handy: Accepted!

Eraser: I wanna get assigned next!

Handy: You are now assigned to a team.

Eraser: Which is...

Handy: The purple one. You are now the team captain of the purple team.

Eraser: All right!

Handy: Name your team.

Eraser: ...

(Taco gets assigned to the Minerals, then Teardrop becomes the blue team captain)

Handy: You don't talk... I guess I can't make you give a verbal response... Well, do your thing.

(TD holds up a sign saying, "Wow, I'm team captain?" and writes down "I guess I'll call my team the Dotted Droplets.")

(More people get put on a team while Eraser thinks. Clock and Cake get put on the Dotted Droplets. Lightning and Eggy put on the Perplexing Minerals. Grassy and Pie get put on the Scrubby Shrubs. Blocky becomes the team captain of the yellow team.)

Obsidian: Your teams still don't have names, Blocky and Eraser! Would you like to name them now?

Eraser: The Cool Dudesters!

Obsidian: Blocky?

Blocky: The Prankster Block Gang!

(A few more characters are also put on teams as shown below.)

(Moar coming soon!)


Scrubby Shrubs

Perplexing Minerals

Cool Dudesters

Dotted Droplets

Prankster Block Gang

Teamless (as of yet)

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