this is bfb with ssbu characters lol

Marth: Hey, Lucina, Lucina! (trips over Kirby) Lucina!

Lucina: what

Marth: Guess what I found, it's a r e c t a n g l e 

Lucina: No, Marth that's a parrellellogram, I would know.

Marth: What about this! (grabs pentagon)



Marth: Help us, Ike!

Ike: I'm on it

Ike's sword: IKE, PUT ME DOWN, H-HELP

Ike: There, now it is a s q u a r e and a t r i a n g l e

Marth: I never want to see a Pentagon again.


Bayonetta: hey Villager

VIllager: Hey Bayonetta

Bayonetta: what's up

Villager: I'm helping Isabelle find where Luigi is.

Bayonetta: But Luigi's right there

Villager: oh, thanks Bayonetta! Isabelle I know where--

Isabelle: Hold on Villager, I'm busy looking for Luigi! 

ohh there he is

Fox: Hey, Roy! Can you throw something into that pot?

Roy: Yeah sure, but what should I throw?

Fox: Uhhh, here try these seeds.


Fox: Sorry Cloud! Here you try Mario!

Mario: Here you try Lucas!

Daisy: Hey have any of you seen my Blueberry seeds?

Fox: uhhhh

Daisy: I hope their not in a pot! The have extremely fast growing! AND EXPLOSIVE, oh well, I'll keep looking, Shulk! Have you seen my blueberry seeds?

Shulk: (shakes his head no)

Daisy: What about you Mr Game and Watch?

Mr Game And Watch: I do not have any seeds, but here is a f o r k.

Ridley: (bites Mr Game And Watch's fork)

Waluigi: That's a large stack of forks you got Zero Suit Samus!

Random bell: (makes the fork stack collaspe)

Inkling Girl: 123456789 (dies x2)

Inkling (Pink Girl): Hey, like who keeps killing Inkling?

Inkling (Boy): Zelda, help us find a criminal!

Zelda: No thanks I'm good! 

Inkling (Boy): If you don't we'll ban you!

Zelda: But I'm not part of Splatoon.


BotW Zelda: Snake!

Snake: What?

BotW Zelda: We gotta get Link to talk.

Snake: But, why?

botW Zelda: Cause I see him standing there silently for hours, I wanna know what going on inside his head.

Link: (has Mario kart flashbacks)

Snake: I don't think it's worth it.

BotW Zelda: So here's the plan.

Snake: Did I not just say it wasn't worth it?

BotW Zelda: I'll hold Link's jaw open and you wiggle his vocal cords, so that they make noise

Snake: such v o r e 

BotW Zelda: Shulk, will you help me get Link to talk, if you are c o o I enough


BotW Zelda: Okay, if you are so cool then help me get Link to talk.


BotW Zelda: Keep going Shulk! I can almost hear a voice!

Link: (grunts)

Some other xenoblade character: YEAH GO SHULK YOU'RE THE BEST

Dr Mario: Why are you  supporting Shulk's abuse to Link.

Shadow: I HATE YOU

Dr Mario: Yeah I do too

Shadow: No, I HATE YOU

Dr. Mario: Why would you hate me? I'm just trying to stand up for poor Link!

Shadow: Because self-improvement only occurs when we acknowledge that our own behaviors are far from perfect, and, dare I say, worthy of hate.

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