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Pixel Bow: Gee! That restaurant challenge was tiring.

Golf Chef: It wasn't tiring to me. Because my restaurant is already made.

Pixel Bow: Darn! We spent so many hours for this! but you didn't!

Golf Chef: Lol.

Alaska Blackwood: But... Our teammate didn't do the challenge.

(Team Black Ink stares at Gleemo)

Gleemo: What are you 4 looking at me like that?

Alaska Blackwood: Because didn't do your previous 2 challenges. What are you going to say about it?

Gleemo: Sorry, but my owner isn't here for like, 10 days.

Alaska Blackwood: Oh yeah? Did you know that quiet attitude leads you to strikes and elimination?

Gleemo: I'm so sorry. I'm not owned by someone anymore.

Alaska Blackwood: Oh no. That's sad. We need someone to own you so you won't have strikes.

Gleemo: Really? Thanks.

Alaska Blackwood: No problem. Now, let me hold a sign so everyone can look at it.

(Alaska takes out her sign it says "Gleemo on sale")

Alaska Blackwood: Alaska Blackwood-Holding A sign Well, I hope it works.

Brave Cookie: Man. Our team is dying. What are we going to do?

Texas: There's nothing we can dew. Sorry, ma boi.

Hole in the Wall: We gotta be more active.

Texas: But know (no). You guys can't be active. What's wrong with you guys?

Brave Cookie: My owner went to a family trip.

Hole in the Wall: And mine doesn't notice any episodes (Except the first).

Texas: Well, I think we gotta say farewell to our team.

Hole in the Wall: Well, We have a strike. and you will be eliminated. If we have 2 more strikes, then this team is dead already.

Brave Cookie: Sounds like a plan, but it will happen in the next episode.

Texas: Sadly.

Princess Cookie: Alright, Team Nintendo. It's time for an elimination.


Princess Cookie: So we have 5 votes. Let's use Bottle for BFDIA system, shall we?


  • Brave Cookie: 0
  • Hole in the Wall: 1
  • Texas: 4

Texas: Oh no. I'm eliminated.

Princess Cookie: So, any last words?

Texas: Can I please return my Immunity Token?

Princess Cookie: Okay. Gimme.

(Texas returns his IT to PC)

Princess Cookie: Thanks, now go.

(Texas gets sent to Jail Cell 47)


Win: Team Black Ink
Lose: Team Nintendo

Top 4

Evil Lighter: 9.5/10 (First+Immunity Token)
Alaska Blackwood: 6,5/10 (Theft Token)
Texas: 6,1/10 (Doesn't earn a token because he's eliminated)
Golf Chef: 5.8/10 (Cooperation Token)
Pixel Bow: 5.3/10 (Swap Token)

Who got a strike?

Brave Cookie (2nd)
Hole in the Wall (2nd)

Next Part

Evil Lighter: What? I, got, 2, to-kens?

Princess Cookie: Yes, because Texas decided to return his IT to me, so I gave it to you.

Evil Lighter: Thanks, for, gi-ving, me, 2, to-kens.

Princess Cookie: No problem.

Alaska Blackwood: Yay! I got a Theft Token. Now I can steal someone's token.

Golf Chef: Finally, A high class token. I'm so happy.

Pixel Bow: Oh no. A low class token. This is sad. :(

Princess Cookie: Anyways, onto the challenge.



So the next challenge is to Add face and limbs to a cartoon character.


Carolly is an example for this challenge. CarolBFDI


All you guys have to do is, Think a cartoon character (make sure it doesn't have a white background), add face and limbs, and you're done.


You can add a story if you want.


But make sure to add your creation to your entry.


This challenge will be judged by Length, Creativity (if story is added), the look and our judge, Playodugh


So yeah, start working.


July 25, 2019

Who did the challenge?


  • Evil Lighter Goomba-E
  • Alaska Blackwood 1563912993147

Current Stats

Golf Chef (BattleReviews) (WT, ST, CT)

Alaska Blackwood (NeoRealityArtist) (TT, RT)

Evil Lighter (YoyleBook) (FT, IT, TT)

Pixel Bow (Nick Games) (MT, IT, ST) (1 strike)

Gleemo (Wubthereal Island Lover) (PT) (2 strikes)


6th: Brave Cookie (Random boi winner) (Floater)

7th: Hole in the Wall (PopkornHUPIKO2) (Quit)

8th: Texas (Shad) (Voted Out)

9th: Candelabra (PJ777) (Voted Out)

10th: Milk Cookie (Wooden Clock) (Quit)

11th: Squid Ink Cookie (Azzy) (Quit)

12th: Play-Yan (Fyscl) (Voted Out)

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