Naily has Real Estate: Last time's challenge was so original.

Bomby Superhater: I think something's wrong with this statement... but I don't know what.

Bee Movie Script: I hate that feeling.

OwO: OwO

Demoncil: CAN YOU STOP?


Demoncil: AAAAAARGH!

Bomby Superhater

That was pretty lazy... You didn't even put borders.



1st: Bomby Superhater 4/10


DNP (uses both of his +2 tokens)



=1st: Bomby Superhater, Demoncil 4/10

3D-Printed Naily Fan

The style and detail of all 3 of the characters were nice. 



1st: 3D-Printed Naily Fan 8/10 (SAFE)

=2nd: Bomby Superhater, Demoncil 4/10


DNP (Automatic use of 2 +2 tokens and 1 +1 token)



1st: 3D-Printed Naily Fan 8/10 (SAFE)

2nd: OwO 5/10 (SAFE)

=3rd: Bomby Superhater, Demoncil 4/10

Coke Superhater

This was the only one with a 3D effect (on Bracelety and Book). The best you could do is actually pretty well!



1st: Coke Superhater 8.5/10 (SAFE)

2nd: 3D-Printed Naily Fan 8/10 (SAFE) 3rd: OwO 5/10 (SAFE)

=4th: Bomby Superhater, Demoncil 4/10 (IN DANGER)

Bee Movie Script

Okay, the art isn't that good. I like the idea though.

Naily has Real Estate: Bee Movie Script...

If you get more than 4/10, Bomby Superhater and Demoncil are out.

If you get 4/10, it will be a 3-way tie.

If you get less than 4/10, you and one of Bomby Superhater and Demoncil will take the boot.

Your score is...



1st: Coke Superhater 8.5/10 (SAFE)

2nd: 3D-Printed Naily Fan 8/10 (SAFE)

3rd: Bee Movie Script 6/10 (SAFE) 3rd: OwO 5/10 (SAFE)

=4th: Bomby Superhater 4/10 (ELIMINATED)

=4th: Demoncil 4/10 (ELIMINATED)

Naily has Real Estate: It's time to say goodbye to Bomby Superhater and Demoncil!

Bomby Superhater: Ugh! It sucks that I don't have a token.


Naily has Real Estate: How about I roast you 2 in lava?

Demoncil: You'll never do-

(Bomby Superhater and Demoncil ALMOST get dropped in lava)

Bomby Superhater: Goodbye, cruel wor- Hey, I'm alive!

Demoncil: I told you I was not gonna get roasted!

Naily has Real Estate: Since you two are in the alumni, you will go sit in that bench over there. 

(Bomby Superhater and Demoncil sit on the bench)

Naily has Real Estate: There.

Current Stats (Final 4)

Bee Movie Script (YTPmachine123) (+2 Token, +1 Token)

Coke Superhater (ShadicalCZ) (-1 Token) 

OwO (Marsium)

3D-Printed Naily Fan (Wooden Clock) (+2 Token)


5th: Bomby Superhater (68 In Here(Alumni)

6th: Demoncil (BattleReviews) (Alumni)

7th: YAKKO (PacmanJ777(Quit)

8th: Flower Superfan (ROBLOXNoob246(Voted Out)

9th: Regular Bottle Fan (Thesuperawesome75(Voted Out)

10th: Bell Superfan (CyndaquilFan86(Voted Out)

11th: Gaty Liker Like Choco (Snurfle(Floater)

12th: Leafy Liker (MapleSugarThirty-Three(Voted Out)

13th: Zeetay Fan (Wubthereal Island Lover(Voted Out)

14th: THICC KITTEN BIG MAC KING worship (PopkornHUPIKO2(Quit)

15th: IKEA Fan (Gebzeli Emirhan Fevzi Çayan(Globally Blocked)

16th: Corn Allergy (Random boi wineer(Floater)

Final Challenge Before Finale

Naily has Real Estate: To the final 4, it's time for the penultimate challenge!

In this challenge, you have to do 3 things.

  • STORY CHALLENGE: Try to eat a plate of worms without getting sick! But before that, you have to hunt for these worms in a cave. 
    • Your story will be rated out of 10.
  • SUBMISSION CHALLENGE: Please write a paragraph on why you should win this show.
    • It will be rated out of 10.
  • ART CHALLENGE: Draw absolutely ANYTHING!
    • It will be rated out of 10.

Naily has Real Estate: Good luck! You will need it.

Naily has Real Estate: Also, all of your tokens will be used automatically! Your points on the previous challenge will carry on too!

Naily has Real Estate: This means...

Coke Superhater will get a +8.5 point boost! (Please also specify who you want to get a -1 point reduction on your entry.)

3D-Printed Naily Fan will get a +10 point boost!

Bee Movie Script will get a +9 point boost! OwO will get a +5 point boost! Naily has Real Estate: The deadline is 25/7 6pm UTC!


Demoncil: I lost by 1 POINT! If only I had 1 more +1 token...

Bomby Superhater: (hears something) Huh? What's that?



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