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Green Marker Official Green Marker Official 22 May 2021

Announcing my retirement

Hello, wikians. While some of you may already know the message I am about to deliver, it comes with a heavy heart to announce. On Sunday May 30th, 2021, I will be demoting myself from administrator status on the Battle for Dream Island Wiki. This choice was not easy to make, but I believe this is a decision for the better. While I do very much take pride in keeping the wiki the safe place it is, I simply feel it’s time for myself to move on, to focus more on my future outside of the internet. The wiki is no longer a place that I turn to for recreational use. Usually, the only thing I still come here for is to deal with the occasional troll account or rule-breaker, and while it may not seem like that much of a hassle to deal with, I have bee…

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Green Marker Official Green Marker Official 18 February 2021

CBT 8: SeaSick Shanties!

This episode was written in part by SemiNova! Thanks to them!

Episode begins with Butterscotch, simply relaxing outside of the Clinko Industries building. Two Chicken interns suddenly appear behind her, handing her a note.

Butterscotch: Huh? Oh, right. The show...Hmph, nearly forgot. “Dear Butterscotch, surprise! My chicken interns have brought a very…”special” gift for you, courtesy of a…”friend” of mine. Signed, Clinko”... What on Earth is this?

Clark: Mr. Clinko wanted us to give it to you. He said you needed to meet your soon to be teammates.

Croco: Yeah! Plus, the gift itself is super cool! It’s, like, a--

Clark slaps Croco with his hard hat.

Butterscotch: ...Well, I guess I should properly meet my teammates.

Butterscotch and the Interns wal…

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Green Marker Official Green Marker Official 30 October 2020

check out those pearlies!

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Green Marker Official Green Marker Official 3 October 2020


|species = Rubber keychain |gender = Male |color =

}} Keychain is one of Green Marker Official's object characters. He was created on March 3rd, 2019 and is Green Marker Official's main OC.

Keychain competes in Corporate Businessman's Telethon as a member of the Atomic Reapers.

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Keychain has shown to be a very intelligent and observant individual and strategist who tends to lean on the more serious side of things. Despite his smarts, he is typically a less popular character among peers and is often looked down upon because of his armless state and smaller-than-average size. Because of this, Keychain tries his best to help those around him and make his presence known.

Keychain is a rubber,…

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Green Marker Official Green Marker Official 13 September 2020

TBC 8 - Not so S.A.F.E.B.O.A.R.D.

The episode starts off inside the dimly-lit building that the contestants call the set of the show. Lychee is seen running quickly up a staircase. She crosses over a strip of tape marked on the ground.

Lychee: Haha, I win! Told you I'm unbeatable.

Potted Plant runs up the same staircase, panting.

Pot: Easy for you to say. You don't have a whole 'nother object on your head weighing you down.

Plant: no u

Pot: That doesn't even make sense. It's- do you hear something?


Lychee: Oh.

File Folder is still stuck to a wall because of "the breakfast", suspended in midair. Lychee taps File Folder's back, and his back folds down. His files hit the ground, and File Folder becomes unresponsive.

Lychee: Oh my grass, did I just kill him!…

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