Dicksy is a character made by DisgustingPepsi.He is the nicest one around but he was made to be the creepiest Tollitubbis.

Nobody seems to like him, because they say he's very creepy. But he still wants to be friends with everyone and help everyone.


He is very tall and Green, with a white TV. and has darker skin from the tollitubbis. He also has sideways eyes, and a sideways mouth. And is drawn by GopluXPoplu.


  • Dicksy is made in MS Paint.
  • Dicksy has the colors from the original Dipsy from Teletubbies.


  • Dicksy has more of a circular head.
  • Dicksy has gained a hat.
  • Dicksy has a lot more darker skin.


  • Dicksy is back to the original colors.
  • Dicksy is now not made in MS Paint.
  • Dicksy is better drawn.
  • Dicksy is made by GopluxPoplu.


Tonky Wonka: He tries to not make him very mean because he thinks it will not help him get friends.


  • Dicksy was originally going to be the main account for DisgustingPepsi2.
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