Eh Oh!
— Po, his greeting.

Po is a character made by DisgustingPepsi. he is insane and makes trouble with friends.


Po is a troublemaker who likes getting candy from a candy shop with LAA LAA LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. He can be also a little bratty and may not talk much, and he thinks that he is also true evil. But, since hes a stuffed animal doll, he never seems to be evil.


Po is based around Po from Teletubbies. He has Red fur and an antenna resembling a Bubble Blower which he uses to fly. And he also has very huge eyes with small pupils.


lol whats a coverage



Po likes to have fun with LAA LAA LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, and when they are with eachother, they make trouble and like to be insane.


Dicksy wants everyone to be friends with eachother and be nice and dosent want trouble going on, but Po dosent stop. they are brothers, so they have to respect eachother.

Tonky Wonka

Tonky Wonka is a jerk to everyone, so its no difference.


  • Po was going to gain ears, but then got changed to no ears.
  • Po is the main character in the Tollitubbis.

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