_*Willow appears in Walten Paperchips's house at night causing him to spill his coffee on the floor Walten : MY FLOOR ! Willow : Hellu uwu -*Earrape on* Walten :I HATE YOU Willow : I love you uwu Walten : I HATE that, don't say it ! You did that (points at the coffee) i (uuh) HATE that, i'm MAD now ! Willow : I love u, don't say that :'( Wiki user : This is cringe for my ears Walten : *stabs Willow to death* Willow : ...ouch Walten : *Throws her in fireY* Walten : Wait what is Firey doing in my house ? BFDI Rocky : KILL FIREY !!! Firey : *Throws himself in Walter's oven burning the whole house and everyone dies*

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