now most of you ae gonna be like this THEIRS TOO MANY CREW or your New well let me explain and state my reasons or edivence of becomeing a higher rank postion, reason im choosing content mode is since its not that far big and well we all need to start somewhere small to get somewhere bigger in which i agree everyone has the right to run for a power and we can't deny the accept that its a right yes we can vote aganist them with our proof but there's no right not to run so yeah.


  • 1 - I have contributed to the wiki or tried to in a way as pepole see, And i have stopped 3 wiki raids mini-Raids i'm being honest and some vandlism by contacting admins.
  • 2 - Idc if i don't get this role and if i do i will do it justice and fill it out to all i can/Max potential.
  • 3 -  I'm Highly Passionate for becomeing a higher rank or upper powers then regular users however we to start somewhere small to get higher in life and for me running for this is practially the same type of thing.
  • 4 - Most of you know me unless your a new user i mean you have seen me but not like interact with me on a big soical scale.
  • 5 - I'm Highly ready and i have been trained on other site's as an admin before even though im not running i do have some skills and some type of skillfillness in the admin-faculity / Upper-rank powers.
  • 6 - I'm not a New user and have been here for a while yes 5 years i think on different accounts
  • 7 - I'm active as i can be sometimes i'm not but i'm working on an object show. But the i can be is important i won't be active if i'm doing something big or have other responsibilities on task.
  • 8 - I'm gonna be a bit out their but i'm austic i really am i know catworld did this but he said in a way that makes so much sense that i have to give credit to him but yeah catworld is right i can't really lie to well not big lies look if i had to do a white lie i would if it meant not hurting somebody but if i did this Massive thing where the whole life-span of humanity is all me but being the big nosy dectective all of already know that it doesn't but though i would feel gulity, AUSTIM ITS NOT FUNNY BUT IT'S WHAT DEFINES US.
  • 9 - You can be friends with me im loving caring when i can be but i'm also a soul you can trust.
  • 10 - I Can be strict and serious if you have problems you can talk to me to be honest i lost my mom last year due to cancer but still i got over it and if i feel like it's that serious you can trust me like i said before.
  •  11 - I'm not as active on Chat/Discord but when i feel like i visit those places same go's for the discussions.


  • 1 - Can be inactive at times.

Now to show i have done stuff i help stop 3 wiki raids not much i know but its something also for the too many staff issue can we adress that if we do a demote wave on the inactive one's (admin's who hardly do any edits) now this counts for global aswell as im saying just demote them their a waste of space..., Also on that note here are my soical media account.

Now for the too many crew issue if we fire mpj and other inactive admins that free's up space! and since Their an uneeded admin that the wikipedia for bfdi doesn't need any more and they don't change anything if they were demoted other then free up space  They don't need to be an admin and so well qualified users are denied admin privileges because of too many staff and If these pepole do get demoted it will cause no drama other then freeing up room in the admin-faculity, and the blame woulden't be placed on the admins it would be placed on them, I'm not saying this has to happen it's just an idea we don't have to demote anybody this is if their were too many staff and if i coulden't or woulden't be able to have a chance.

i do have a discord account/gmail Strikeovercrazy2 (talk) 04:49, July 21, 2019 (UTC)

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