Cake at stake

Welcome to the finale! We've got a large crowd watching this event.

(Pretend there is a crowd of the 61 eliminated contestants on the bleachers on the left, and on the right are all the voters)

8-Ball, Book, Robot Flower, and Snowball, you've all made it as far as you can go, surviving over 70 episodes... Well, except SB, because hes a rejoi-


DON'T tell me what I already know and get on with it!

Well I'll get on with the fact that you, SB... Only got 2 votes and unfortunately fall in 4th place. But-


What! NO-


(from the bleachers) Bro calm down! You should be cool 'bout it man!


Yeah! And, this is probably the furthest you've ever gone in a voting series!

What they said. And besides, you get this bronze trophy. (Hands SB a bronze trophy)


Wait! According to my dictionary, bronze goes to people who place third.

Yeah, but since there is a tie for 2nd place and both of them will get silver trophies, this awards SB 3rd place. And some cheers from the voters and eliminated contestants.

(The crowd cheers loudly for SB as he unexpectedly smiles, gets down on his knees, and yells the opposite of what he yelled in BFDI 6)



Moving on, it's time to announce the winner of BFBFCV! Drumroll please.........

Book!!! Congratulations, you have won over 8-Ball and Robot Flower in a 6-3-3 vote!

(Hands 8-Ball and RF each a silver trophy and Book a gold trophy)


Meh, would've preferred 8th place if I didn't win

Robot Flower




Well that's all for this awesome voting ser-



Oh yeah, and for everyone that lost, you can have a slice of cake.


Wait wut-


Hee hee, it's desert time!

(Bottle cuts cake into 60 pieces, and hands one each to the other eliminated contestants)

Well I guess that works out.

Elimination order

65th: Stapy TeamIcon

64th: Cake TeamIcon

63rd: BarfBag TeamIcon

62nd: Ruby TeamIcon

61st: WTaco TeamIcon

60th: Loser TeamIcon

59th: Tree TeamIcon

58th: WLollipop TeamIcon

57th: Nickel TeamIcon

56th: Bomby TeamIcon

55th: Firey TeamIcon

54th: Ice Cube TeamIcon

53rd: Puffball TeamIcon

52nd: Lightning TeamIcon

51st: Pin TeamIcon

50th: Grassy TeamIcon

49th: Pencil TeamIcon

48th: Cloudy TeamIcon

47th: Firey Jr. TeamIcon

46th: Basketball TeamIcon

45th: Coiny TeamIcon

44th: WSaw TeamIcon

43rd: Eggy TeamIcon

42nd: Gelatin TeamIcon

41st: TV TeamIcon

40th: Liy TeamIcon

39th: TennisBall TeamIcon

38th: David TeamIcon

37th: Bottle TeamIcon

36th: Four TeamIcon

35th: Leafy TeamIcon

34th: Foldy TeamIcon

33rd: Remote TeamIcon

32nd: Marker TeamIcon

31st: Match TeamIcon

30th: Clock TeamIcon

29th: Bracelety TeamIcon

28th: Donut TeamIcon

27th: Fanny TeamIcon

26th: Pillow TeamIcon

25th: Bell TeamIcon

24th: WTeardrop TeamIcon

23rd: Pie TeamIcon

22nd: Balloony TeamIcon

21st: YellowFace TeamIcon

20th: Fries TeamIcon

19th: Naily TeamIcon

18th: WDora TeamIcon

17th: Spongy TeamIcon

16th: Roboty TeamIcon

15th: Rocky TeamIcon

14th: Woody TeamIcon

13th/12th: Flower TeamIcon

13th/12th: Needle TeamIcon

11th: Golf Ball TeamIcon

10th: Pen TeamIcon

9th: Bubble TeamIcon

8th: Blocky TeamIcon

7th: WGaty TeamIcon

6th: Eraser TeamIcon

5th: BlackHole TeamIcon

3rd: Snowball TeamIcon

2nd: 8Ball TeamIcon

2nd: RobotFlower TeamIcon

1st: Book TeamIcon

One more thing

Before I go, I want to thank everyone who voted in this series, wether it was just once or all the time. I also give special thanks to Guest, Wooden, and anyone else who counted the votes. It would have been a much more difficult trip if I had to count each time from start to finish.

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