6 voters cast 22 votes.

Only 8-Ball and Eggy got votes.

They both tied with 11.

Since Eggy is listed first in YoyleBook's comment, she's out.

48th: Eggy


5 votes.

Teams 1, 4, and RC got 0.

Teams 2, 3, and 5 got 1.

Team 6 loses with 2.


Eliminate someone on Team 6! (You can vote up to 5 times)

[A]- David

[B]- Fanny

[C]- Puffball

[D]- Saw

[E]- Dora

Vote a team to be UFE!

[01]- Team 1

[02]- Team 2

[03]- Team 3

[04]- Team 4

[05]- Team 5

[06]- Team 6

[07]- Team RC

Voting ends July 23, 2019 at 3:00 PM CDT

Episode 20 comes out July 23, 2019 at 3:30 PM CDT

Final 47

Team 1

Pen TeamIcon Clock TeamIcon Eraser TeamIcon Balloony TeamIcon Leafy TeamIcon GolfBall TeamIcon

Team 2

Snowball TeamIcon Bell TeamIcon Stapy TeamIcon Gelatin TeamIcon Pie TeamIcon

Team 3

Donut TeamIcon Book TeamIcon BarfBag TeamIcon YellowFace TeamIcon Coiny TeamIcon Naily TeamIcon Woody TeamIcon Bomby TeamIcon

Team 4

RobotFlower TeamIcon Cloudy TeamIcon Needle TeamIcon Bottle TeamIcon Liy TeamIcon Flower TeamIcon Spongy TeamIcon

Team 5

Blocky TeamIcon Remote TeamIcon Marker TeamIcon Teardrop TeamIcon Fries TeamIcon BlackHole TeamIcon 8Ball TeamIcon

Team 6

Fanny TeamIcon Dora TeamIcon Puffball TeamIcon David TeamIcon Saw TeamIcon

Team RC

C, Slime, Jelly Ball, Bee, Bow, Bolf Gall, Scaredy Square, Angry Dora, Nonexisty

Elimination Order

63rd: Loser [Episode 2]

62nd: Bubble [Episode 3]

61st: Firey [Episode 4]

60th: Pencil [Episode 5]

59th: Pie [Episode 6]

59th: Lollipop [Episode 7]

58th: Roboty [Episode 8]

57th: Foldy [Episode 9]

56th: Rocky [Episode 10]

55th: Lightning [Episode 11]

54th: Gaty [Episode 13]

53rd: TV [Episode 14]

52nd: Pillow [Episode 15]

51st: Match [Episode 16]

50th: Nickel [Episode 17]

49th: Bracelety [Episode 18]

48th: Eggy [Episode 19]


See you in episode 20!

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