10: ssfreeman

he just swears because he can

9: eis navidad

she doesn't think i'm hot and that's mEAN

8: luckyceru

stop telling me to grow up I CAN'T SPEED UP AGE! think I LIKE being 13?

7: lavander goo

she said I should be burnt at stake, that's pretty rude

6: sour gimbop

very mean to me, stop saying i should be demoted every 2 seconds plz 

5: the lurantiss

she forced EVERYONE into a hate group!

4: isabelloli

she gave me the -_- face and that really upset me

3: green marker aaron

stop calling me my real name

2: happareal

look above

1: thelaprasrule34

the meanest user ever! he thinks i'm his enemy but I didn't want to be I DIDN'T GET A SAY