Yo'! It's Talt Wophat back in the house!

I apologize for taking 24 more hours than I had to, I had some real responsibilities.

But anyway, let's get into the results.

The following people get a strike for not doing the challenge:

  • Buffpall
  • Clock
  • Deartrop
  • Bolf Gall
  • Telagin
  • Clobky
  • Deenle
  • 🅱en
  • Bottle for BFDI
  • Doowy
  • Ro-booty
  • Hlack Bole

Holy shtick that's half of the people.

Now onto the results of whoever did the challenge.

  1. BubbuB
  2. Esarer
  3. Karmer
  4. Eese Chorb
  5. Balketbasl
  6. Cce Iube
  7. Nodut
  8. Bury
  9. Bnowsall
  10. Fellow Yace
  11. Fealy
  12. Bennis Tall

And the team averages, the way to see which team gets the boot...

  1. O.M.G. Bunch (7,375)
  2. Team Deartrop is rllyrllyrllyrlly h0t (10,125)
  3. Team Namen't (11,75)

And Team Namen't is UFE! Yay.

Voting is over, thank you.

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