It's back!

Lighthouse is the only one without a vote

Rainbow Star, Tent, Grenade, Blue iPhone Plug, and Plate got 1 vote each

That means Pizza is eliminated with 2 votes!

45th: Pizza

Fresh is up for elimination because it got the most votes out of all the teams to be UFE

Type [A] to eliminate ABC Logo

Type [B] to eliminate Berry

Type [C] to eliminate Blueberry Kombucha

Type [D] to eliminate Kidz Bop 7.420

Type [E] to eliminate Me Everything Is Just Me

Type [F] to eliminate Totally Featureless Cube

Type [G] to eliminate Windowy

Type [1] for Diet Doomers

Type [2] for Fresh

Type [3] for N.I.C.E.

Type [4] 4 Sod Squad

Type [5] for The Icons

Type [6] for Totally Rad

Type [7] for Watch and Learn

49th: Ethan From OI

48th: Grave For ABC Logo’s Pie

47th: Bag Of Grass

46th: My Profile Picture

45th: Pizza

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