clock but he's a bun: im angry

google: npbody care

funny meme: hey guys wanna hear a joke

google and CBHAB: no

funny meme: what do you call a discussian tab

google: a discuss page?

funny meme: huge waste of time xd 

clock but he's a bun: that suck 

host: hey guys

Infinity Gauntlet: Woah who are you?

host: why do you have perfect gramer

Infinity Gauntlet: No reason provided.

host: anyways i wanna host a object show with a prize of a copy of  'Cars 62'

Su Tart: such orinal

host: hmmm there's only 7 of you so we need to do first challenga


host: challenge is too not fall in the lava the first 3 will be up for elimination while the other 2 stil lstanding is team captian

su tart: pushes Infinity Gauntlet and Clock But He's A Bun

heg rograg: you gonna die

su tart: ah

heg rograg: pushes Su tart

su tart: ah

woody: ah why would you do that

heg rograg: cause im evils

funyn meme: kills rodgricg helfly

heg rograg: ah

google: pushes woody off

woody: ah

host: ok so that means Clock But He's A Bun, Infinity Gauntlet and Su Tart is up for elimination!


Woody: i can't swim

Who should be eliminated first on A Crappy Show That Appeared On The Wiki For No Reason?

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