BFDIsland 3: Tokens and Strikes

why is this the only thing I do on the wiki these days.

(y'know that feel when everything is boring.)

Oxygen: why.

(You wouldn't understand green box.)

Oxygen: whats with you and these insults.

(Who knows, maybe because, idk? You ARE a green box?)

Oxygen: >:OOO

(Thats epic green box.)

(Hello welcome back to BFDIsland 3, no!!!)

(Now you may be wondering what is bfdi-)

Soundwave: no.



Hello challenge today is Pokemon Battle against your team mate.

But in this challenge, you all will be assigned certain types, here they are.

  • Lychee - Poison
  • Light Truff-Puff - Fairy
  • Beach Ball - Ground/Water
  • Banana Juice - Water
  • Oxygen - Flying
  • Cyalnny - Electric/Flying
  • Gucci Fidget Spinner - Steel
  • Sandcastle - Ground
  • Ace - Ground/Grass
  • Atomic Ace - Grass/Psychic
  • Club Penguin Penguin - Ice/Water
  • Glove - Grass/Normal
  • Anvil - Fighting/Steel
  • Soundwave - Normal/Flying
  • Banana Split - Dark/Ice
  • Inkdrop - Dark
  • Red Velvet Cake - Fairy
  • MRAPM - Steel/Poison
  • FCD - Psychic/Electric
  • Rubix Cube - Normal
  • Bowtie - Psychic
  • Vial - Ground
  • Winter Melon - Ice
  • YTPBook - Grass

RVC: i hate you, host.

Thank you!

Anyways yeah those are all the assigned types, and then you battle your team mate.

get some pokemon, and uhhh battle your team mate with it.

Banana Juice: what if we don't know any pokemon.


idk, YOU be the pokemon, get yourself moves, and battle your team mate.

Also uhh you don't have to do the combined types, just in case you got 2 typings, you can go with both of em, but you can choose one of the two if its what you desire.

Inkdrop: oh no.

These entries today will be judged by Humor, Dialogue and just in case you make yourself the pokemon, then creativity on the moves too, but keep in mind you don’t have to have yourself be the pokemon.

So yeah, simple challenge. Make a pokemon team, battle your team mate, and if you don’t know any pokemon of the type(s) ur assigned, you be the pokemon, and if you can’t fight, then uhhh idk, this won a voting against an art contest, a reused challenge, and saving someone who doesn’t know how to use a toy from Lvl. 60 Pokemon.

Anvil: i can fight.

Cool bro, I asked.

Anvil: T_T

CPP: it has been years smh.

#cpp is

CPP: >:(

Banana Split: i like that website!

Well i’m glad ya like it Ms. Banana Split, which is why i made another website for you! Banana split is

Banana Split: >:O

Deadline is January 16th at 8:30 PM EST, extension only happening if a lot is in need of one.

Lychee: well thats cool ig, but why do you-

Woah you’re actually getting lines cool, bye.

MRAPM: really.


(Hello. This announcement is not much, but uhhh a random person when results come will be recieving a little Something.)

(who wants to know? Well….no lol. Gonna reveal in results. Anyways 4 real, im gonna go now, bye.)


Challenge Ends: January 17th at 9:03 PM EST

Who did the Challenge?

(19/24) did the challenge.

  • Winter Melon
  • Mildly Rich and Poor Man
  • Gucci Fidget Spinner
  • YTPBook
  • Beach Ball
  • Sandcastle
  • Ace
  • Rubix Cube
  • Light Truff-Puff
  • FCD
  • Banana Split
  • Cyalnny
  • Bowtie
  • Banana Juice
  • Glove
  • Club Penguin Penguin
  • RVC
  • Inkdrop
  • Anvil (WIP)
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