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VHSy is one of the former eligible debuters for Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two, who first appeared in "The Four is Lava".


VHSy appears to be somewhat tidy, as they are shown fixing the loose tape that came out of them. They also appear to not like witty humor, judging by their reaction to Two.


VHSy is a VHS (Video Home System) tape. Their current design consists of an orange gradient, where the face is located. Their first design had a different color, which consisted of white, red, blue, and yellow.


Their audition is of them rewinding a loose tape coming out of them.


  1. "The Four is Lava": Sinks into the lava.


  • Their recommender, squib, also has another character in the debut, Battery.
  • They are the first character whose name starts with a V.
  • VHSy is one of the few characters to not have their name describe what object they are; VHSy is a tape cassette. VHS is actually the video format.
  • Their name is pronounced V-H-S-E.


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