This list describes the variations of Lollipop.

cake pop

cake pop appeared in the episode "This Episode Is About Basketball", and was one of the recommended characters who got hit by a ball from Coiny. It is a cake pop who has a similar appearance to Lollipop but is made of cake. It was recommended by Space W.

Colorful Lollipop

Colorful Lollipop is a recommended character that appeared in "This Episode Is About Basketball". It got hit with a ball from Coiny. It appears to be different flavor, or maybe could be coloring dye. It was recommended by Rehtro.

Yoyle Spoon (debatable)

Yoyle Spoon is a character recommended by Adminnimda that first appeared in "Lick Your Way to Freedom". Yoyle Spoon has a very similar appearance to Lollipop.
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