This is a list of all recommended characters that are different versions of Woody.

Brave Woody

Brave Woody is a variation of Woody. BW is seen to be smiling, showing BW is not afraid unlike the character BW's based on.

Chocolate Woody

Chocolate Woody is a recommended character that appeared in Hurtful!. It is a chocolate-like in appearence wood that resembles Woody, with a toonish face. It was recommended by TDIMaster12.

Evil Woody

Evil Woody is a recommended character. It is an evil variation of Woody, based on Evil Leafy. It first appeared in The Glistening, as one of the characters that voted for Ice Cube

Ice Woody

Ice Woody is a recommended character. It is a frozen variation of Woody. It appeared in The Glistening as one of the characters who voted for Ice Cube's elimination. It was recommended by SAMUSLAZ0R.

Ninja Woody

Ninja Woody ​is a recommended character that appeared in Zeeky Boogy Doog. It placed 19th out of the 25 recommended characters in the episode. Ninja Woody was one of the characters to be hit by the tip of the Eiffel Tower. It is a variation of Woody that wears a ninja costume and is holding a sword. It was recommended by JDOCJO5814. It is possible that Ninja Woody cut Broken Pen, but it is not confirmed.

Ninja Woody after being hit by the Eiffel Tower.

Robot Woody

Robot Woody is a recommended character in Return of the Rocket Ship. It first appeared in the first batch of recommended characters. It was watching the elimination take place, while having Check-It Eyebrows. It's second appearance was when Fanny was launched over to iance by Robot Flower. It was recommended by WakelessLon.

Woody's Cousin

Woody's Cousin is a recommended character that appeared in Lick Your Way to Freedom. Woody's Cousin was one of the first recommended characters in BFB, and was seen when Donut was flung by a spring after Four and X said that he was on the other team. Woody's Cousin is a variation of Woody that isn't broken and is smiling. It was recommended by Trees05.
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