Bfdi vote

Votes (also known as likes and dislikes in BFDIA) are a game mechanic which are cast by viewers to vote for a contestant for elimination or rejoining.

Voting methods


  • Comment the contestant's name down in the comments section.


  • Go to the linked unlisted Jacknjellify voting videos and like or dislike the contestants of your choosing.


  • Comment the contestant's assigned letter in square brackets in the comments below.
    • Example: [E]



Due to the large amounts of information that can't fit into an article, the statistics for contestants have been moved over to a Google Sheets file, linked here.

Visualized Votes (last updated BFB 13)


Made using Google Sheets.


  • Flower got the first vote by Jaysillyboy and Pencil was the last contestant (non-debuter) to get a vote, which was by englishcreamcakes.
  • Cheryblosen was the last person to vote in BFDI.
  • There are a total of 6,880 votes of BFDI, including all of the recommended character votes.
  • Flower got roughly 1/6 out of all Season 1 votes.
  • Tennis Ball was eliminated in Season 1 with the lowest total votes, with only 2 (by Pencil and Bubble).
  • Counting David's rejoin and elimination votes, he has the highest with 21,476 votes in total.
  • 320,251 votes have been cast overall across all seasons (excluding IDFB).
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