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I just went out on a little walk. You know, to get some fresh air.
— Waffle, BFDIA 5b

Waffle is a recommended character by CobaltGameMixer676 who placed 1st in "Get in the Van".


Waffle is an armless rectangular beige waffle, with a chubby mouth, which is identical to Spongy's, considering Waffle's design was based off him, if not alike. Waffle has several square indents on the front and back of themself.

Waffle was going to get a redesign in "Chapter Complete" as a recommended character, similar to what happened to Tune in "Fashion For Your Face!". However, they couldn't get a design that felt right, so they reused their "Get in the Van" appearance.[1] The redesigned version is also currently missing.[2]


  • Waffle is a circular Belgian waffle.
  • Waffle has arms.
  • Waffle's color is tan.
  • Waffle is poorly drawn.
  • Waffle is a rectangular egg waffle.
  • Waffle has the same face as Spongy.
  • Waffle loses their arms.
  • Waffle's mouth is chubby.
  • Waffle's color is cream.


Waffle is helpful and friendly. They also like to "catch fresh air", as evident in level 50 of BFDIA 5b.



Battle for Dream Island

Waffle was part of the crowd of recommended characters in "Vomitaco".

Battle for Dream Island Again

Waffle was the top voted recommended character in "Get in the Van".

Waffle also appeared in BFDIA 5b as a minor character, initially appearing with Tune. Waffle was very friendly, and also gave some helpful info as to escaping Evil Leafy. Waffle had built a wall at Level 50, and eventually knocked it down. Their reasons for going to see their wall were "to get some fresh air" when an apprehensive Match asked them what they were doing there.



In BFDIA 5b, Waffle greets Book and tells her the way out of Evil Leafy. Waffle also tells her things about Lego Brick and Tune. When they're heading out, Waffle tells Book, Match, and Ice Cube that they're always welcome back.

Lego Brick

In BFDIA 5b, Waffle explains to Book, Match, and Ice Cube that Lego Brick does often send people into his underground factory; however, Waffle says that Lego Brick is actually a "great guy" and that he only did that because he has a huge fear of dying, and that if they were nice to him instead, he would be nice to them back.


In BFDIA 5b, nobody except for Waffle talks to or about Tune and Waffle even infers that they know the reason why Tune doesn't talk.


In BFDIA 5b, Match acts fairly rude towards Waffle, but they don't seem to mind, as they still help her and her friends escape Evil Leafy and they tell her that she is always welcome back.


  1. "BFDIA 5b": Dies if they come in contact with any obstacles.


  • In Cary Huang's playthrough of BFDIA 5b on Humany, Cary depicted Waffle's voice as similar to that of Spongy.
  • Waffle and Spongy are the only two characters confirmed to use the squished cheeks mouth assets as their normal mouth assets.
  • Waffle reappears in "Chapter Complete", reusing the same pose they were in when they appeared in "Get in the Van".






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