Well, according to the instructions on the back, it can teleport anybody through a wall of up to six inches in width.

The Wall Teleporter is a device resembling a cyborg eraser cap that can teleport anyone through a wall that of up to six inches in width.

However, only one person can be teleported at a time. There is also an ultra power mode, which increases the width of teleportation up to twelve inches, but it will require several weeks to charge up to that amount due to an extreme energy usage.

There are two pages of instructions on the back of the teleporter, explaining how the two features of the Teleporter (mentioned above) work. The instructions are written using the same alphabet as featured in the Science Museum.

It first appeared in "Welcome Back", in a science museum located in Yoyle City.

It was found and taken by Tennis Ball when he and Golf Ball were looking for any science treasures in there. Evil Leafy can be seen for a split second when Tennis Ball grabs the Wall Teleporter. He introduced it to Coiny and Pin, which then the former came up with a plan: using the Teleporter to free the characters held in the TLC. However, they realized that the TLC is inside the LOL, which increases the wall's thickness to 10 inches. Fortunately, Tennis Ball discovers the ultra-power mode, making the plan possible, but led to an argument between the four over who they should free first. In the end, they agreed that the viewers will decide it through voting.

The Wall Teleporter was mentioned in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", when Golf Ball asked Tennis Ball a question to prove him as "himself".


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