Eggy in BFB 7

"Who are you? Can you tell me?" - Eggy
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Finally I am at peace.
— Roboty, Enter The Exit

The Waterfall is a dark, gloomy and dreary forest where Roboty tends to escape to. He seems to have the ability to teleport there, as he did so right after he was eliminated, or this could be a dream place of Roboty, as a scene in Lick Your Way to Freedom possibly suggests. The actions that occur back in the real world also occur at the waterfall, such as when he got crushed by the jawbreaker, there was a later scene where he was damaged and was at the waterfall.

There is what appears to be a large plank bridging the gap between the two cliffs where Roboty perches on.


Battle for BFDI


A similar (but not the same) area appears in the intro when all characters are shown. It contains a white river which might be from the waterfall itself.

In episodes

In Lick Your Way to Freedom, for no clear reason, Roboty escapes the contest and goes next to the waterfall, which is far away from his team.

He manages to get to the container of jawbreakers, but he gets crushed by Cloudy holding a jawbreaker.

A few minutes later, at the waterfall, he says "YIKES" in Morse code.

In Four Goes Too Far, when Roboty gets voted out with 8254 votes, he was seen escaping to the same waterfall without saying goodbye, implying that he never enjoyed being on the show.

In Enter the Exit, Roboty relaxes on the plank peacefully until he was sucked up by Four, who jumped next to him.

Roboty in another place

An image of Roboty near the waterfall.


  • The waterfall is only black, white, and gray.
    • This may just be the natural aspect of it, or it may be a stylistic choice.
  • It's unclear whether the waterfall is an actual place, or just a part of Roboty's mind, although considering that Four found Roboty, it is very like that it is indeed real.
  • Roboty and Four are the only people who have ever been there.
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