"Yeah, real pro everybody! Win Token's doing just fine over here!” - Balloony
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A Win Token is a green token item that can be used in Battle for Dream Island, which takes away half of the votes from whoever uses it at Cake at Stake.

On two occasions, a Win Token has been used: Needle used her Win Token in Puzzling Mysteries, but she had the most votes anyway and was eliminated, which was the same case with Golf Ball in Lofty, as she still had enough votes to be in the top two, despite using her Win Token, and this ultimately resulted in her elimination. Pin also tried to use a Win Token, but she used it at the last second but was still eliminated, as it was not allowed.

In A Leg Up in the Race, Win Tokens were removed from the game and were exchanged for 15 bonus points each for anyone that had leftover tokens. Since Eraser had 2 win tokens, he received a total of 30 bonus points.

The first occurrence of a Win Token was in Barriers and Pitfalls when Pin got one for ripping the ribbon in the previous episode.

However, When Pin tried using her win token after the Announcer revealed the votes, the token disappeared.

In BFDIA 5b, Win Tokens are a collectible item in every level, often hard to find or hard to reach. Collecting the Win Token and finishing a level makes the level icon turn green on the character selection screen. Other than being tallied up at the top of the level selection screen, Win Tokens have no in-game use in the current update.

The Win Token briefly returned in Enter the Exit, where it was revealed that Pin still possesses her two unused Win Tokens. It is unknown whether or not they are still usable.

Win Token winners

Contestant Episode obtained Eligible Episode used Effective?
Pin Take the Plunge Yes Not used*
Needle Barriers and Pitfalls Puzzling Mysteries No
Negated 6 out of 12 votes
Golf Ball Are You Smarter Than a Snowball? Lofty No
Negated 6 out of 12 votes
Pin Sweet Tooth No Not used
Eraser Power of Three Yes Not used;
Traded for 15 Bonus Points in A Leg Up in the Race
Blocky Insectophobe's Nightmare
Eraser Crybaby! No



Pin holding the first Win Token in the game.

  • But even so, the characters who actually used their win tokens still ended up getting eliminated.
  • Pin was the first contestant to receive a Win Token.
  • In all instances where the Win Token was used, both users were female, grey, negated 6 of 12 votes, and were still eliminated anyway over the next highest vote-receiver.
  • Win Tokens have actually never affected who gets eliminated.
  • Pin and Eraser are the only contestants to obtain two win tokens.
  • There are different kinds of tokens (example: Immunity Token) as in B.A.G.U.E.T.T.E., a camp by carykh. However, Win Tokens are still used.
  • Pin could've been saved by the Win Token she had because the Announcer said "If you are about to be eliminated" not "before Cake at Stake".
  • Win Tokens are actually recolored Coiny assets.
  • A recommended character named Lose Token appeared in Lick Your Way to Freedom and reappeared in Four Goes Too Far.
  • The Win Token (along with the Immunity Token, which removes all your votes) is one of the most commonly used tokens in BFDI camps.
  • The only time it appears outside Battle For Dream Island by mention is in Insectophobe's Nightmare 3, when mentioned by the Puffball Speaker Box when she thought Coiny was one when he was poisoned and slid to her by Bomby's explosion set by Firey.


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