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I'm not a cloud, I'm winner!

Winner is a nonbinary contestant in Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two and is a recurring recommended character, recommended by "Get Whipped!".

Winner made their first appearance on "Today's Very Special Episode" and was recommended again in "Four Goes Too Far", "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", and "This Episode Is About Basketball". Winner's design predates to "Puzzling Mysteries", similar to Loser. They are among the 26 recommended characters who had a chance to join TPOT and ended up joining along with Price Tag.

Winner is currently competing in TPOT on The S!.


Winner appears to be a pile of a substance called "winner",[3] which looks like periwinkle fluff with darker periwinkle spots and blotches on it. Winner has a single, also periwinkle arm that can extend from their body, though they're armless when their limb is not present. It is worth noting that Winner’s arm is not a standard arm you see on the majority of charcters, but resembles a human arm instead.


BFB 4-9

  • Winner's coloring is slightly faded.


  • Winner's coloring is darkened.


Winner is very cheerful and calm, and they are very social. Compared to Loser, Winner seems to be slightly more bashful, as while Loser humbly accepts the team name being named after him, Winner timidly requested Clock to not put their name in the team name. Winner is also shown to be somewhat competitive and quick-thinking, mainly with how they use their hand to do several tasks.



Battle for Dream Island

While Winner as a character does not appear in Battle for Dream Island, Winner's basis first appeared in "Puzzling Mysteries" as a visualization of an explanation Announcer is giving that the winning team is allowed to pick a member from the losing team to be a part of their team. The winner substance is seen grabbing a cube from the losers pile and placing it on itself.

Battle for BFDI

Winner made their first appearance as a character in "Today's Very Special Episode". When Pen says he made the best Four makeover yet, a crowd of recommended characters appears, first saying "Yeah!", and then loudly and aggressively booing. Winner is present in the top part of this crowd, angrily pointing at Pen for his drawing.

In "Four Goes Too Far", Winner is seen again as part of a crowd of recommended characters on a hill that A Better Name Than That is riding a toboggan downhill to use X and Donut to multiply Four by zero and erase them.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", Winner is in the crowd of recommended characters who gasp over Loser's elimination.

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", Coiny is seen attempting to throw balls into his team's basket, but fails and misses, with a large number of balls hitting each member of a crowd of recommended characters. Winner is seen initially smiling, until a ball hits them, where they subsequently frown.

Winner's audition.

In "The Escape from Four", 8-Ball mentions that he loves Loser 8 times more than Winner. Winner appears as one of the 26 potential new contestants chosen by Two to become a contestant in their new season, The Power of Two. Winner's audition is them looking blankly, and then showing a big arm and waving to the viewer, closing their eyes and smiling. They could be voted for by typing [Z].

Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two

In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", Winner does not do anything until Two announces that there are only three people left; Price Tag, Nonexisty, and Winner. Nickel does not see the third person, Nonexisty, so Two asks Winner and Price Tag to move over to make him more "visible". After Price Tag fails to join with only 4,709 votes, Winner is in the top 2 with Nonexisty. Two reveals the rest of the results, and Nonexisty is eliminated with only 5,697 votes, and Winner joins The Power of Two with 15,762 votes. Afterward, Two gives the promised mangosteen to Winner, who thanks Two and shoves the mangosteen into their body, therefore eating it. Winner calls the mangosteen "tasty".

After Winner makes their debut, Two makes the realization that the total contestants competing is a prime number; a number that cannot be divided equally. Winner appears to be confused and asks Two if prime numbers are illegal where they are from. Per Golf Ball's suggestion, Two adds another contestant to make the number composite; Nonexisty. However, as Nonexisty does not exist, Price Tag is chosen instead and celebrates saying that they take back everything that they have said about Winner. Afterward, Winner boards the elevator back down with everyone else and happily walks out after it descends from the roof to the ground.

During the team choosing, Cake sees Clock, and Clock notices Winner. Eggy walks by and asks Clock who Winner is. Clock explains to Eggy and Cake that sometime before the events of Battle for BFDI, Loser and Winner were a performing duo that did many of the same activities with each other. Loser was a much more successful person than Winner and decided to continue solo, leaving Winner behind and falling to obscurity to the general public. Despite Eggy only caring about Loser's "recent work", Clock decides to team up with Winner. Later, Cloudy, bringing Rocky and Yellow Face, asks if they can join Winner's team, with Cloudy citing that he never collected a cloud before, assuming that Winner is a cloud. Winner responds that they aren't a cloud, but winner. Cloudy is disappointed and asks if he can't connect teams. Winner responds by saying that they thought Cloudy wanted to collect and not connect teams, and agrees to join, and laughs afterward. Cloudy sheepishly laughs as well. Clock exclaims that they should be called "The Winners!" when naming the team. Winner looks up at the team name and frowns and tells Clock that they are not comfortable with having their name in the team name. Clock understands, and the team is officially named "The S!".

During the challenge, their team initially tries to use Cloudy to fly them to the roof but they decide not to after seeing Rocky fall through Cloudy and barf. Winner uses the strategy to throw their teammates to the rooftop of the building and throws Yellow Face to the top. Yellow Face winks in response, and Clock says to high five, with Winner high-fiving Clock's face. Winner later throws Clock, Bottle, and Ice Cube to the top of the building, which is a success, but Bottle dies on impact from shattering. Winner then throws Rocky to the top, but overshoots and misses, with Rocky vomiting on Foldy to get himself to the top. Cloudy asks how Winner will get to the top, and Winner uses their hand to climb to the top of the building. They're the second team safe, only behind Are You Okay.


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Season 5
Episode Votes
1 15,762 (to join)


Non-canon deaths:

  1. "BFDI: Claustrophobe's Nightmare": Died during the heat death of the universe. (offscreen)


Total kills: 14

Character Number of times killed Episodes
Bottle 1 "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?"
Ice Cube 13 "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life" (along with Rocky)



  • Winner is one of the three nonbinary contestants, along with Profily and Price Tag.
    • They're also the only nonbinary contestant who hasn't died yet, has black facial features, and a name that doesn't start with P.
  • Winner, TV, Portable Music Player, Tree, Rubber Spatula, Purple Face, and Two are the only characters who don't have American accents.
    • In Winner's case, they speak with a New Zealander (Kiwi) accent.
  • Winner, Liy, and Stapy are the only contestants who haven't (canonically) died.
  • Winner is one of the two contestants who can retract their limbs, the other is TV.
  • Winner is one of the four contestants with a TPOT pose that references the season's name, along with Clock, Price Tag, and TV.


  • Winner got the most votes to debut for TPOT.
  • Winner is the first contestant to get a "cake" in TPOT.
  • They are one of the two contestants who have never been eliminated, along with Price Tag.
  • Winner, Price Tag, Lollipop, Gelatin, Firey, and Profily are the only contestants who haven’t been eliminated while competing on a team.
  • Winner, Bracelety, Liy, Roboty, 8-Ball, Stapy, David, Firey Jr., and Price Tag are the only contestants to have competed on one team only.
    • Winner and Price Tag are the only TPOT contestants, and the only non-EXITors to have this happen.


  • Winner's BFDI asset is a modified cloud asset with dark spots and colored periwinkle, which may be the origin of their confusion with clouds.
  • Winner's recommender's username on Patreon is actually "Get Whipped!", though it was shortened for the nameplate for Winner, like most names.
  • Winner is the only character who is voiced by Schazer.
  • Kenzie Bryant confirmed on Twitter that Winner, along with Price Tag, is nonbinary.
  • Winner is the only character with one arm.
  • Winner is the only object character whose arm matches the color and texture of their body, similarly to Algebralians.
  • They eat by shoving and absorbing food through their body.
  • They are the first character to kill another contestant in TPOT.
  • They are the first contestant to appear in the intro of TPOT.
  • Winner is the only non-host character to have a humanoid arm.


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