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"Winner sounds like a boy, even though she's a girl, and that's just... WRONG!" - Pen
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Winner is a recurring character recommended by "Get W.".

They made their first appearance on "Today's Very Special Episode" and was recommended again in "Four Goes Too Far", though their design predates to "Puzzling Mysteries", similar to Loser.


Winner appears to be a pile of periwinkle fluff with darker periwinkle spots and blotches on their body. In two of their appearances ("Puzzling Mysteries" and "Today’s Very Special Episode"), Winner has a single, also periwinkle arm extending from their body, though they are armless while their limb is not present. In BFDI 7, they had the word "Winners" across their body, in all caps. They also appeared bigger.


"Puzzling Mysteries"

  • No legs
  • No face
  • Has the word Winners
  • Inanimate
  • Has an arm made of fluff

"Today's Very Special Episode"

  • Animated
  • Has face and legs
  • Shaped differently
  • Slightly darker

"Four Goes Too Far"

  • Has no fluff arm (it is likely retractable)


Winner is a recommended character from "Today's Very Special Episode", and is based off of the representation of the winning team from "Puzzling Mysteries". They reappeared in 4 episodes of BFB as a recommended character.


  • In BFB 6, BFB 7, and BFB 9, Winner has no arms, however, in BFB 4, they have one arm.
    • This might be because the "winners" are inside the fluff, a reference to BFDI 7.
  • Winner may be the only character to only have 1 arm.
  • Winner's BFDI asset is a modified cloud asset with dark spots and colored blue.
  • Winner has appeared in 4 episodes of BFB, and 5 episodes overall.
  • Winner's recommender's username on Patreon is actually "Get Whipped!", though it, like all names, was shortened for the name plate.


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