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Why are we running through the world's largest oven!?

The World's Largest Oven is a location in The Desert that only appeared in Battle for BFDI, in the episodes "Getting Teardrop to Talk", "Uprooting Everything" and "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning".

It is hot enough to melt Ice Cube and Lollipop. It can also evaporate Teardrop and set Book on fire.


In addition to being a gigantic oven, it also appears to have a stove with 4 burners on the top judging by the 4 dials on the front. In "Uprooting Everything" the oven is shown in more detail from the inside. There's a door that leads to a purple and pink room and a yellow ladder that leads to a mega mall at the top.


The oven's first appearance was in "Getting Teardrop to Talk", when Bleh had to go inside to retrieve X's basket in the challenge. It was also mentioned in "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset" by Lollipop.

In "Uprooting Everything", the oven returns as the setting of the challenge, which is to find a way to escape it. The glass on the oven door is shattered in the episode.

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", it returns as the last section of the challenge.


  • There is a small writing of the word "GRUPHEETIE" on the bottom left corner of the oven that is exactly like the one on the Bubble Recovery Center in "Getting Teardrop to Talk".
  • Teardrop and Taco are the only characters who have been inside the oven twice.
  • Between BFB 26 and BFB 27, Four and the remaining contestants drive on a bus for 5 weeks from The Pillary Ruins to the World's Largest Oven. If the bus they were driving was driving at the average speed for urban buses (12.7 miles per hour) and it was a straight shot between the 2 points, it would take around 10,650 miles to reach the World's Largest Oven from The Pillary Ruins.
  • This location seems to have a few similarities with The Volcano from BFDI:
    • Both locations are very hot, even having some contestants die in them.
    • Both were used for the last challenge of their respective seasons before the final recap challenge.
    • As a result, both locations re-appeared as the final segment of each recap challenge as well.
    • When they were used for these challenges, both places had the contestants climb out of them to win immunity.
    • Flower, Leafy, and Spongy have been inside both locations.


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