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"This is shooting X Finds Out His Value off like, a cliff, with my Not Cannon!" - Match
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"Sorry, X Finds Out His Value. You may be alive, but it's-you're not-you're not in BFDI." - Puffball Speaker Box
This article contains content that was released or made prior to the first episode of Battle for Dream Island.

Oh, I don't know. I just don't know what I am, what my value is.
X, X Finds Out His Value

X Finds Out His Value is an animation made by jacknjellify. The video includes the characters Four and X, who would later become hosts in BFB. It was released on December 31, 2008, an entire year before BFDI. It is an algebra math learning video for kids.


  • One
  • Two (asset only)
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five
  • Six
  • Seven
  • Eight
  • Eleven (asset only)
  • Thirteen
  • X
  • Bubble (asset only)
  • Pencil (asset only)


  • The Huang twins were only 10 years-old at the time of the animation's release.
  • All of the numbers with voices sound somewhat like old BFDI voices.
  • The area with the see-saws is called the Equation Playground.
  • 8 turns lifeless after being grabbed by Four.
  • X is equal to 7.
  • The colors of the numbers are based on Minesweeper (except Five, who is based off a variant called Super Minesweeper).
  • When X accidentally added 2x and 3x together, the equation in the middle didn't change.
  • A clip from this video (showing Four, X, and Seven) appears in "Today's Very Special Episode", the fourth episode of BFB. It occurred during a modified version of this season's Cake at Stake intro.
  • 0 and 9 are the only one digit numbers that didn't appear in the video since they don't exist in Minesweeper.
  • 13 and 11 are the only two-digit numbers in the video, and since 13 has different colors, it might just be a group of one-digit numbers.
  • The physics of levers are different in XFOHV from reality, different parts of the seesaw don't have a different effect on the amount the other side goes up.
  • According to Cary, XFOHV takes place after the events of BFB.[citation needed]
  • XFOHV probably doesn't take place in Goiky, nor does it take place in the same world.
  • The video turned 10 years old in December 31, 2018.

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