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YOYLECAKE Michael, formerly known as just yoylecake (both named after the food) is a YouTube channel that is run by Michael Huang as an alternative to his SoundCloud account, YOYLECAKE. On this channel, he uploads some music he composed that is used in Battle for BFB, including some exclusive tracks that aren't on his SoundCloud.

BFDI Music Visualizer

Starting from March 1st, 2020. Michael started to upload more music from Battle for BFB's soundtrack after not uploading anything onto the channel for around over a year. These tracks have been uploaded in the form of music visualizers, that feature one character mostly switching between various poses from Battle for BFB, while synchronized with the music playing.


Soundtrack name Character featured
coins Coiny
sweeper Lollipop
2012 Donut
chorkey Lightning
famous 600k Four
infetterence Taco
breakup simulator lite Pen
even after Grassy
hush Pillow
lighto Cake
evolekaf Leafy
kuro - the night Black Hole

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