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The Yelling Beavers are a team in Total Firey Island and Total Firey Points. It is an early/beta version of the Squashy Grapes, and is one of the two rival teams in TFI and TFP, along with Murderer Trout. The name of the team is a reference to the Screaming Gophers in Total Drama Island.


Rankings Contestant Votes
2nd Snowball TeamIcon.pngSnowball 2+
3rd Ice Cube TeamIcon.pngIce Cube 5+
6th Match TeamIcon.pngMatch 6+
7th Teardrop TeamIcon.pngTeardrop 10+
8th TennisBall TeamIcon.pngTennis Ball 7+
11th Rocky TeamIcon.pngRocky 7+
12th Blocky TeamIcon.pngBlocky 4
14th Flower TeamIcon.pngFlower 7
Yelling Beavers

BlockyFlowerIce CubeMatchRockySnowballTeardropTennis Ball