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Not to be confused with The Massive Department Store.

With some not so legal snooping, I have discovered the location of Yellow Face's Warehouse, which has over a million products!

Yellow Face's Warehouse is a location in Battle for BFB and the main challenge of "Let's Raid The Warehouse". It supposedly contains over a million products inside.


The building seems to be made out of a brownish brick with vines crawling up the sides of the building. The front has a double door and a few windows. On top is the sign and the roof, which resembles an aircraft hanger roof with its distinct curved shape and support beams (although these could be windows). There's a large metal fence around the building parameters, presumably to keep trespassers out. A few bushes can be seen near the entrance. The windows on the building are also symmetrical to each other. Also there is a mountain behind it.


The Warehouse first appeared in "Let's Raid the Warehouse" and was part of the challenge when Four mentions about the contestants needing to get 2 items from Warehouse for the Receivers. The Shoppers (Blocky, Firey,Taco, Gelatin, Bubble and Teardrop) use the High Speed Express Train and arrive at the Warehouse. After figuring out what 2 items that they need (and from being frightened by the Don't Open, Purple Inside box), They then leave the Warehouse.

In "Fashion For Your Face!", the Have Cots go to the Warehouse to get the supplies they need to break the jail cell. Upon reaching the Warehouse, Flower kicks them inside (due to them rejecting her sweaters) and causes them to crack the Don't Open, Purple Inside box.

In "Chapter Complete", the Warehouse appears again when the crew stops near the High Speed Express Train.



Items that are shown in the Warehouse

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