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This is a list of the buildings in Yoyle City.


Yoyle Needy

Yoyle Needy.PNG

Yoyle Needy is a tower in Yoyle City.

It has an appearance similar to the Space Needle in Seattle, but according to Cary Huang, is taller by 26 meters, thus making it 210.404 meters tall. Yoyle Needy, along with Yoyle Stadium, are attractions of Yoyleland, also known as the eighth wonder of the world.

Yoyle Needy is one of the most famous buildings in Yoyle City, having a name known to viewers.

Its name is a reference to Needle's hated nickname, Needy.

Yoyle Stadium

Yoyle Stadium.png

Yoyle Stadium is a stadium located near the middle of Yoyleland.

It is unknown what sport was played in it, but it has a similar appearance to an American Football Field, with tall bleachers to watch the game from. It is located near the edge of Yoyle City.

Tennis Ball and Golf Ball in the science museum.PNG

Science Museum

The Science Museum is a museum near the Grotato Farm.

It contains the Wall Teleporter and many other items. For some reason, Golf Ball kept acting strange and having memories while in the museum.

Grotato Farm

The Grotato Farm is where Fries grows his fries.

He planted a few Grotatoes, and used Bomby to loosen the soil.

Other buildings

There are 109,578 buildings in Yoyle City, some of which have randomly generated names written on them. The names seen are:

  • Software Sweatshop
  • Stupid Pets
  • Nice Business
  • The Zone
  • 50% Off Rock
  • Camera House
  • Gift Space
  • Paper Pets
  • Visitor's Bistro
  • Deli
  • Bowling Alley
  • Shredded Get
  • Fast Food
  • All Around R Us
  • Pets' Courthouse
  • Candy Inc.
  • Private Corner
  • Super Inc.
  • Typography Store
  • Grocery For You
  • Private Residence
  • Yummy Pets
  • Furniture Helpers
  • Hardware Helpers
  • Crustacean to Munch On
  • Jewel of Fun
  • Chinese R Us
  • Camera Church
  • 50% Off Corner
  • Software Palace
  • Firefighter's Emergency
  • Iced of BFDI World
  • Welcome to the Day Care
  • Delicious Association
  • Announcer Relief
  • Makeup Pool
  • Abandoned Hotel
  • Pet's Dungeon
  • Stupid Middle School
  • Jewelry Food
  • Improvement Station
  • Adult Doctor's Office
  • Public Shop
  • Fun Hall
  • Dress Hospital
  • Yummy Filtration Plant
  • Delicious Store
  • Technology Hotel
  • Juice Cinema
  • Our Cafe
  • Adult Toy Store
  • Typography Guys


  • Yoyle Needy is named after Needle's hated nickname.
  • Yoyle Needy seems to be located in central Yoyle City.
  • Yoyle Needy may be the inspiration for the Big Rotating Building from Battle for BFB.
  • Some buildings have the same name, as there are 109,578 buildings but only 14,400 possible names.
  • The buildings are used from a program made from Cary Huang to make it easier to make places.
  • Building names ending with "R Us" are a reference to Toys "R" Us.
  • The building named Yummy Pets is a reference to Gummy Pets.
  • There is only one type of school in Yoyle City, being a middle school.
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