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Yoyle Metal
Metal Ball.png
Bubble affected by Yoyle Metal

Contestants affected

Leafy, Bubble, Flower, Firey, Spongy, Ruby
(the rest are non-canon) Pin, Book, Yellow Face, Ice Cube, Needle, Nickel, Coiny, Pencil, Bomby

Obtained from

Consuming Yoyleberries, Yoylecake or possibly Yoylestew. (or consuming anything made from Yoyleberries)

Element group


Oh yeah, the yoyleberry has some extreme side-effects, sorry.

Yoyle Metal is a weird metal produced by the adverse effects of Yoyleberries or Yoylecake.

If a person eats Yoyleberries or any other food that consists of Yoyleberry ingredients, their bodily composition will be automatically converted into Yoyle Metal. However, consumers often don't really realize that their body has been affected by Yoyle Metal.

Yoyle Metal's most unique characteristic is that it unfreezable in every way, even from freeze juices.


Bubble turns into Yoyle Metal after eating a slice of Yoylecake in "Gardening Hero".

All of the still contestants still in the game turn to metal at the end of "Don't Pierce My Flesh".

In "Hurtful!", the metal was extracted from the contestants to fix the Tiny Loser Chamber via the Incinerator.

Leafy was made of Yoyle Metal in most of BFDIA and IDFB 1, due to living in Yoyleland.

Ruby and Bubble are made out of Yoyle Metal for throughout "The Long-lost Yoyle City". However, Ruby and Bubble recovered from their Yoyle Metal affection in "Welcome Back" through unknown reasons (possibly died and recovered in HPRC during the unpublished BFDIA 6).


  • It is unknown if Yoyle Metal can be made in any other way or what materials it is made of.
  • It is unfreezable, unlike regular metal.
  • It is unknown if someone can be poisoned if they’re Yoyle Metal.
  • When turned into Yoyle Metal, Bubble is called Metal Ball (as a recommended Character, and by Firey Speaker Box).
  • The Recovery Centers do not keep the Yoyle Metal on someone if they die, making it the only way to get rid of the effect.
    • However, in the BFDIA 6 deleted scenes, Fries says he has an Anti-Yoyler, which reverses the effect. However, it is unknown if this device exists in canon.
  • It is extremely heavy, as seen in "The Glistening" while Bubble is trying to jump.
    • Flower also describes it as "like a thousand pounds".
  • It can affect any object, even if they are already metal.
  • Yoyle Metal appears to be the same color on the fixed TLC but different when in object form.
  • Unlike real metal, Yoyle Metal can burn in lava as seen in "Don't Pierce My Flesh" when Bubble burns in the lava despite being Yoyle Metal.


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