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Yoyle Mountain is a volcanic peak in Yoyleland, next to Yoyle City.

It first appeared in "The Long-lost Yoyle City", where it was shown as a high mountain when the FreeSmarters and W.O.A.H. Bunch climb up, the sun rises and sets over and over again, while the ground turns from purple to green to white. At the "summit", there is a rod extending up to space with a "↑ Summit" flag.

The real summit is located all the way up at the top of the rod. There are rainbow roads that connect somewhere in the rod to the real summit.


  • In Carykh's "More Yoyle City Stuff" video, he explained the height of Yoyle Mountain which is 18,307 ft. (5,580 meters) placing 206th of all the other mountains in the real world.
  • The Yoyle Tower is technically not a real summit, since a summit is the natural top of a mountain.
  • Yoyle Mountain appeared in the background of "Getting Teardrop to Talk" when Flower was asking Black Hole to open a jar of Cyanide.
  • In "The Escape from Four", it was revealed that Yoyle Mountain is a volcanic peak.
    • Given Yoyle Mountain lacks a crater and did not exhibit any volcanic activity until "The Escape from Four", it is likely it is a dormant peak.
  • The peak of Yoyle Mountain contains glitter, which Flower had extracted to make sweaters.


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