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The Yoyle Tower[1] is the true top of the Yoyle Mountain.

The Yoyle Tower is a large tower in space with an obstacle course attached to it where the BFDIA contestants had to navigate it and reach the top to win the contest in BFDIA 5.


In "The Long-lost Yoyle City", FreeSmart and Team No-Name reached the top of the Yoyle Mountain with a flag saying "SUMMIT". After the Firey Speaker Box said that it wasn't the summit, and the summit flag is revealed to point upwards to a pole to space.

Later, FreeSmart traverse the rainbow-colored obstacle course, and reach the real summit for the first time, located in space. Later, Puffball and the rest of Team No-Name fly to the top, but Puffball stops, and she shrinks, because she wants her team to lose so she can win a prize; making her team lose by getting eaten by a Fish Monster.

Later, W.O.A.H. Bunch also reach the real summit. FreeSmart wins the contest, and W.O.A.H. Bunch places second, leaving Team No-Name up for elimination.

In "The Escape from Four", Two collapsed the Yoyle Tower.


  • Despite what Firey Speaker Box says, it isn't a summit as it's a fortress attached to the mountain.
  • The path to Yoyle Summit is based on Rainbow Road from Mario Kart.
  • It is 3D modeled, rather than being two-dimensionally animated.
  • Before being shown in an actual episode, it was shown in an announcement video about BFDIA 5c, despite not being in that episode.
  • The Yoyle Tower's support beam can be seen in the background of various episodes of BFB.
  • Despite this, both the Yoyle Mountain and the Yoyle Tower attached to it is actually the volcano in BFB 16.



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