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Oh yeah. The Yoyleberry has some extreme side effects. Sorry.

Yoyleberries are a unique species of berry fruit in Battle for Dream Island. They are used as the main ingredient in cooking Yoylecake and Yoylestew, and they can also be eaten fresh. They are commonly found (and so far, only found) in bushes located in Yoyleland, but can of course be grown from the seeds of another Yoyleberry. Though it was mentioned as an ingredient for Yoylecake before in "Don't Pierce My Flesh", its official appearance was in "Get Digging", when Gelatin, Needle, and Puffball went to Yoyleland to collect the berries to make Yoylestew for the contest.


The Yoyleberries first appeared in "The Glistening". The Yoyleberries resemble small, purple blueberries. The same applies for the food it's made with (e.g. Yoylecake). The Yoyleberries are only found in Yoyleland, in the Yoylebushes, where they grow.


The effects of consuming a Yoyleberry are adverse as the consumer's bodily composition will be converted into a strange metal called Yoyle Metal, an unknown material that is unfreezable.

This material is really heavy, and contestants affected by the Yoyleberry's anomalous effects can't jump high or run.


  • It is currently unknown how the Yoyleberry species grow and diversify in the main hostile environment of Yoyleland, where there is an extreme lack of sunlight.
  • Yoyleberries made a cameo in "The JingJing Squisher (10 year anniversary)", where Ruby said she loves them.
  • Yoyleberry appeared as a recommended character in "Getting Teardrop to Talk". But like any other food made with Yoyleberries (e.g. Yoylecake and Yoyle Pie) are cardboard cutouts.


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