Bubble, on multiple occasions


Royal Purple, Neon Green, Yellow, Orange

Side Effects

Turns anyone who eats it into Yoyle Metal

First appearance

The Glistening

Last appearance

The Liar Ball You Don't Want (as a recommended character)


Cake made from yoyleberries

For other uses, see Yoylecake (disambiguation).

Yoylecake is a fictional food that appeared in BFDI and BFDIA. It is made from the exotic Yoyleberries, which originated and are found in Yoyleland. Any object who eats it becomes a grey, metal version of themselves made from Yoyle Metal.


It is colored royal purple and neon green, lined with light yellow icing and decorated with orange icing drops.


The first appearance of Yoylecake was in "The Glistening", though it has been mentioned several times before that mainly by Bubble, due to the fact that "Yoylecake" is her catchphrase. For example, when Bubble is told that she has immunity, she mentions it in "Rescission".

Later in the same episode, during the long jump contest, Bubble, having eaten the Yoylecake, turns metal in midair. Leafy then mentions the side effect of turning metal by eating Yoylecake.

In "Don't Pierce My Flesh", the cake used for Cake at Stake is the Yoylecake. At the end of the episode, everyone turns into metal, because they received a slice of the cake and ate it.

In the stinger of "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2", Announcer says that for getting into the final three Bubble, Leafy and Firey can ask for anything they wish. Bubble says she wants Yoylecake, but the wish is denied as it doesn't fit into BFDI's budget.


  • Yoylecake won the Battle of the Fantasy Foods 2016.
  • In BFDI 22, all remaining contestants turned metal at the end of the episode. This shouldn't have happened, as they have died at least once in the episode before turning metal and shouldn't have retained the side effect.
  • Yoylecake is Bubble's catchphrase since "Rescission".
  • Yoylecake was a recommended character in BFDI 22, BFDI 23, and BFB 7.
    • Yoylecake's appearance changed in BFB. In BFDI, Yoylecake just appeared as a limbless slice of Yoylecake. In BFB, Yoylecake gains limbs and their face is now white.
  • The creators of Battle for Dream Island (BFDI), also created a channel named "Yoylecake".
  • Yoylecake has not been mentioned at all yet in BFB, but this could change as BFB continues.


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