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Yoylese is the written language of Yoyleland. The first to read it in any video were Golf Ball and Tennis Ball. The language was named in Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide, where a page states "Golf Ball is capable of deciphering the ancient lettering known as Yoylese."

Tennis Ball and Golf Ball inside the science museum.

The language was first mentioned in IDFB inside the Science Museum. It appeared on a sign naming the Yoyle City Science Museum above its English translation, as well as being featured on labels of items in the Science Museum. It was also seen above the floor number sign and on the Wall Teleporter instructions.

Some of the hieroglyphs resemble other common symbols, such as a triangular infinity sign, a close square bracket, an upside-down flag four, a hyphen, a Z, a spiral, a 3 with a long tail, a triangle, a 4, and something that looks like a dash connected to a pipe (|).

Known symbols

Symbol Approximation Translation (letter) Translation (number/other)
SRevised Yoylese.png S/E 3
C Yoylese.png λ C
I Yoylese.png I/- -/(9/3)
ERevised Yoylese.png N
C2 Yoylese.png C/M
E2 Yoylese.png E
U Yoylese.png U/M/0 0
SAgain Yoylese.png - S/E 8
M Yoylese.png | U
M2 Yoylese.png j (U/M) 2
Z 2
Placeholder Yoylese.png X Placeholder


  • One of the longest possible Yoylese phrases is そ⨝ᒐλꕈ- (minces)
    • Others include ⨝ᒐそ⊣ꕈᑫ (incuse) and そ|⊣⨝ᒐ- (cumins)


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