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"According to my research, Yoylese does a lot more than that!" — Pillow, "Fortunate Ben"
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Yoylese is an English alphabet (and possibly dialect) found in Yoyleland. Its only appearances are in the Science Museum and the Yoylese Grupheetie text.

The first to read it were Golf Ball and Tennis Ball in "Welcome Back". The alphabet was named in Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide, where a page states, "Golf Ball is capable of deciphering the ancient lettering known as Yoylese."

However, the main writing used in Yoyleland is the Latin alphabet. Skyscrapers, built before Yoyle City's abandonment, use Latin writing on their signs, meaning the alphabet likely fell out of use before Yoyleland's abandonment.

Tennis Ball and Golf Ball in the science museum of Yoyle City

Tennis Ball and Golf Ball inside the science museum.

The alphabet was first seen in IDFB inside the Science Museum. It appeared on a sign that names the Yoyle City Science Museum, as well as being featured on labels of items in the Science Museum. It was also seen above the floor number sign and on the Wall Teleporter instructions.

Known symbols[]

Below is a list of all known symbols in Yoylese. Based on the Yoylese labels in the Science Museum and their corresponding objects, the script was deciphered. However, the letters J, Q, X, and Z didn't appear anywhere in the show.

Symbol Letter Unicode equivalent
a A
b B 𐊀
c C
d D Z
e E ]
f F И
g G
h H
i I
j J 𐒝
k K
l L
m M [
n N
o O Y
p P
q Q
r R
s S
t T
u U
v V
w W |
x X H
y Y
z Z ʘ

Proof of discovery[]

I Only Count One

"I only count one."Balloony, "X Marks the Spot"
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Yoylese alphabet

Yoylese as decoded by Alichee (Outdated and without the letters J, Q, V, X and Z)

The image on the right shows Yoylese as decoded by Alichee. Later, it was discovered that the BFB Grupheetie was Yoylese, and read "⧖andalism", revealing the symbol ⧖ to represent V. The other 4 missing letters were revealed in the IDFB 1 flas.

Grupheetie BFB


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