It's time.

Zappies (as named by Nickel) are a type of power/weapon that, so far, has only been used by Four, where he fires a large energy beam from his hands. Four usually uses it on anyone who attacks him, criticizes him, or does anything to make him upset. The zappies have been used in "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", "Four Goes Too Far", and "What Do You Think of Roleplay?"

When it is used on someone, the target slowly loses health, similar to how health is lost in a video game.


Listed are the victims that were used by the zappies. So far, there are 3 victims:

Victim Count Episode Reason
Gelatin 1 "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset" Indirectly stabbed Four after his forks were repelled by a fork repellent used by Remote, Tree, and Pillow.
Stapy 1 "Four Goes Too Far" Threw a fork at Four on purpose for mutilating Foldy.
Gaty 1 "What Do You Think of Roleplay?" Saying Four can't eliminate her due to not being up for elimination, attempting to use her strategy, but stopped by Four using his zappies.

Non-canon victims

Victim Count Video Reason
Naily 1 "Eraser swings. Eraser MISSES!" She was thrown by Eraser in an attempt to hit a target, but she accidentally broke Four's jar of jelly.

Failed victims

Listed are all of the people who were almost shot by the zappies. So far, there have been 7 failed victims.

Victim Count Episode Reason Stopped by
Most of the members in Death P.A.C.T. 5 "Today's Very Special Episode" Forks from Death P.A.C.T. attracted to Four. Woody grabbing a fork that almost hit Four.
Nickel 1 "Four Goes Too Far" his "criticism". A Better Name Than That's plan to multiply Four with X and Donut, absorbing Four into Donut.
Ruby 1 "What Do You Think of Roleplay?" Flicking dill pickle chips at Four, disguised as X. X, disguised as Four, stops Four, disguised as X, as to not give away their disguises.


  • Zappies can severely injure objects as it did so to Gelatin. So far, no one has been killed by them, although Gelatin was nearly killed when he was zapped and was indirectly saved by X.
  • Bottle referenced the zappies in "Today's Very Special Episode" by saying "Four's gonna fry us!"
  • So far, most zappies were caused by Forks or Four being criticized.
  • When Four uses the zappies, he starts shaking his hand and grunting. He occasionally quietly says "It's time."
  • Four is the only character confirmed to have the ability to use the zappies.



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