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角色 畫廊 關係

— Basketball, S4E08

BasketballBFBBFDI5的女角色,她先在第1季第10集中被提名。 在第1季第17集第18集中,她也是有機會參加比賽的三十位被推薦角色之一。 但因她與Clock只獲得了5票她沒有加入。她排第22名。


IDFB,籃球以及在LOL內部的其他角色有機會通過觀眾投票加入節目。 籃球也經過了重新設計,現在外觀更加光亮,顏色更淺。 可是她沒有得到足夠的票數加入IDFB,只有80票。[1]





BFDI 12[]

  • 沒有陰影
  • 眼睛在她的線上,而嘴在線下面

BFDI 14[]

  • 底色為綠色
  • 線條為白色

BFDI 15[]

  • 沒有雙腿
  • 臉在她的線下


  • 底色為深橙色
  • 條紋為白色
  • 再次加入雙腿

BFDI 18[]

  • 底色為亮橙色
  • 偏右有陰影
  • 條紋為黑色,而且充滿細節

BFDI 21[]

  • 底色為杏色
  • 底部條紋向底部傾斜
  • 有雙手
  • 沒有陰影


  • 沒有陰影
  • 右下方有橙紅色的高光
  • 條紋為深灰色,而且較細
  • 體積略小

BFB 12-BFB14[]

  • 底色為亮橙色


她對8 Ball非常忠誠,通常支持他的努力。 籃球也關心她的其他參賽者的狀態,因為當沒有其他人願意挑選Grass為他們的團隊時,她做了,而且她覺得Four粗暴行為已經失控。

她通常也是一個好奇的人和可以非常有用,並且無論她的環境如何,都可以在任何情況下解決任何問題,例如幫助她的團隊和Babop,並確保他們仍然能夠使用Robot Flower花自我保護,以避免在你不想要的騙子球輸掉,即使仍然在月球。 可是她的計劃適得其反。





In "A Leg Up in the Race", Basketball appears as a recommended character and was set on fire, possibly dying.

In "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None", Basketball appears as a recommended character and jumps into the vat of hydrochloric acid to try and get the marble collection.

In "Vomitaco", Basketball appears as a recommended character.

In "The Reveal", Basketball appears as a recommended character at Cake at Stake, to watch Blocky get eliminated. Speaker calls her and the others "stalkers". Basketball has been “handpicked out of hundreds” and had the chance to debut in BFDI.

In "Reveal Novum", Basketball had only 5 votes, which was not enough and got sent to the LOL By the Sender Scoop Thrower. In the end, Basketball and all the other debuters (except David) get crushed by the sun when it set with the TLC on top of the LOL, continuing from the last episode. Basketball then screams in pain.

In "The Glistening", Basketball appears as a recommended character and votes for Ice Cube.


In "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", Basketball didn’t join season 2 with only 86 votes, she and the other contestants who didn’t get enough votes got separated from the season 2 cast. Within seconds they were all crushed. Fortunately, it was only a hallucination, and Basketball screamed as she got flung to the TLC.


In "Welcome Back", Basketball had the chance to rejoin in IDFB. Even if IDFB 2 was released, she didn't receive enough votes to join the show.


File:Basketball BTB.jpg

Basketball looking up towards Blocky.

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Basketball is excited and cheers for Loser along with Pencil, Ruby, Bomby, Grassy, Woody, Bubble & Pie. Grassy and Basketball then discuss how great Loser is. Later on in the episode, Basketball was asked by 8-Ball to join his team, A Better Name Than That. In the challenge, Golf Ball plans to have Basketball, along with 8-Ball, weigh down the basket. When Robot Flower knocks Blocky off the tree, he lands on Basketball, who is too bouncy and walks away with Grassy taking her place. Golf Ball, after some thinking, plans to use a trebuchet to get the basket down, using 8-Ball and Basketball as weights to bring the basket down.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Basketball learns about Golf Ball's disrespect for Grassy and appoints 8-Ball as the new team leader.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Basketball and Robot Flower remind Golf Ball that she was dethroned as team leader last episode.

In "Today’s Very Special Episode", Basketball says she is glad she listens to 8-Ball. Later, Blocky and her talk to each other about "hearing someone that disrespects people", which is Golf Ball.

In" Four Goes Too Far", Basketball says that Four's becoming more destructive and that they should do something about it. She asks 8-Ball what to do, which he then responds with by telling her Golf Ball has the answer. Later in the episode, when A Better Name Than That and Babop are both on the Moon with the Twinkle of Contagion, she tells them to accept the fact that one of the two teams will have the Twinkle at the end of the challenge. This turns out to not be the case, as The Losers! have the twinkle at the end of the challenge.


Basketball says that she has been inspecting Robot Flower.

Due to the rocket breaking down, Basketball, her team, and Babop are stuck on the Moon in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want". She says that she's been inspecting Robot Flower. After she stops TB and GB's eyebrow wiggling, Basketball explains that Robot Flower can give commands to the communicator dish on the ship and that Remote can receive orders from it. she and Tennis Ball use Robot Flower to control Remote so that they can prevent the Liar Ball from landing in their goal. However, the ship then loses connection with Remote, which is when Basketball notices something going wrong and tries to take full control of Robot Flower. After Robot Flower breaks the signal due to Remote's bomb, Basketball asks TV if he knew that she decided to break it. As the Liar Ball landed in A Better Name Than That's team crater, they are up for elimination.

In "Questions Answered", at Cake At Stake, Donut communicates to A Better Name Than That using TV. When he moves his hands through TV's screen, Basketball asks if he was able to move things between the Earth and the Moon all this time and tells him to get them back down to Earth. Once Donut sends Earth through the screen so that they can get back on it, Cake At Stake continues, where A Better Name Than That are all far away from him. He tells them they didn't have to sit so far, which is followed by all members of the team going inside his hole, which Basketball clarifies is the way they're doing Cake At Stake this episode. She is the 5th safe on the team. When it's between Golf Ball and 8-Ball to be eliminated, Basketball says she hopes the "team leader" doesn't leave, to which both Golf Ball and 8-Ball think are themselves.

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", Basketball thought that X was talking about her when he announced that the challenge was “basket ball”, however he wasn't. During the challenge, she is used, along with Tennis Ball, by Blocky for their team to win the challenge, since she and Tennis Ball are both balls.

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", Puffball takes over Basketball's body, while Basketball is in the body of Rocky. Golf Ball asks "Basketball" who the team leader is, who responds with Golf Ball herself. Golf Ball is not suspicious that Basketball was replaced anymore because of this, and says that she can interview some of the other members. Due to Puffball being in her body, Basketball talks in a slightly singsongy way, similar to Puffball, but Golf Ball just sees this as Basketball being good at singing.

Meanwhile, over at BEEP's room, when Balloony gets popped, "Rocky" reacts, exclaiming that the noise was loud. Due to Rocky rarely talking, this is dead giveaway to the team that Rocky is a fake. She tries to correct herself by saying "bulleh" the team already identified her as a fake immediately after. When Basketball was transformed back to her usual shape, she turned completely orange, and complained about this.

Back at A Better Name Than That, when Golf Ball tries to get an answer out of Grassy, who just replies with "I'm Grassy!", the mock Basketball says the process would be going faster if he wasn't so basic. Blocky, knowing that she and Grassy are friends, figures out that Basketball had been replaced. "Basketball" then transforms into Puffball. This means her team is safe.


Season 1
Episode Votes
18 5 (to join)
Season 2
Episode Votes
1 86 (to join)
Season 4
Episode Votes
8 3,035


  1. "A Leg Up in the Race": May have burnt to death as she is on fire at the ending (Debatable).
  2. "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None": Walks into a vat of hydrochloric acid.
  3. "Reveal Novum": Is crushed by the sun with the other recommended characters in the LOL.


Kills: 1

Character Number of times killed Episodes
Four 1 "Four Goes Too Far" (Along with A Better Name Than That and Donut)


  • As of BFB 12, Basketball is now orange due to switching brains with Rocky.
  • She alongside Snowball, Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, Puffball and 8-Ball are the only "ball" objects.
  • She is one of the few contestants whose name has been in the title of an episode, along with Teardrop and Snowball.
  • Basketball is one of the eight contestants who had their minds swapped in What Do You Think of Roleplay?, the others are Tree, Taco, Spongy, Puffball, Pin, Lightning, and Rocky.
  • She is the only contestant voiced by Satomi who's voice is pitched up manually.
  • She is the only ball contestant that didn't get eliminated so far.
  • She is the second female character to star in an announcement/update video, after Match with her role in Thanks for 4 years of Thanks for 4 years!.
    • She is also the first character to appear in an announcement video who has a speaking role and is not voiced by Cary nor Michael Huang. She is voiced by Satomi Hinatsu.



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